Pimlical Android Help

Web-Email Links

Web and email links can be placed in the description field and/or the note field. When present, the Weblink icon is displayed on the event (a Blue W with an arrow coming out of the top) and an extra line appears in the Edit Dialog, just below the note field to display the links.

Web links

Web links consist of a string of text starting with one of these tags:


If Pimlical sees these strings of text, the event is marked as having a "weblink". All text up to the first space is considered to be the link (for that reason, weblinks should not contain any embedded spaces - if there is a space in the URL, encode the space as %20. There is no limit to the number of URL's you can place in the note or description fields.

Email links

To set an email link, use mailto: immediately followed by the email address of the person - for example:


Link to Local File

To set a link to a local file, use file:// followed by the full path in the Android file system to the file. For example, placing file://sdcard/pimlical/default.txt would result in a text editor like Jota+ being launched to edit that file. Unknown file types (based upon extension) will simply display an error message that no associated application can be found. (A future release may provide a file browser/navigator to select a file for this purpose).

Invoking the links

To invoke the link, go into the Edit Dialog and you will notice that there is another line, not normally visible, underneath the note field. Click on the button containing the URL(s) and if there is only one URL, Pimlical immediately invokes that link. If there are two or more, a selection list appears so you can choose which web/email link you want to invoke.

Weblinks bring up the web page, while email links bring up your default email program on the device with the subject line filled in with the description field of the event. To exit out of the web page or email, just press the back button.