Pimlical Android Help

Popup Commands

NOTE: An event selection list will always result in any changes being applied to an instance of a repeat series (example: if you delete an item in a repeat series, only that day's instance is deleted from the repeat series). To make a change to the entire repeat series, call up the item into the Edit Dialog and make the change (or deletion) in that dialog. If you use a popup command on a repeat item and the event selection list was not for a particular day (such as would be the case from a Find function or upcoming alarms list, etc.), then the next instance of the repeat on or after today's date will be used.

Display Details

Displays all the attributes of an event using an editable (but only for real power users!) screen template. When the Details display is shown, you can use an upstroke on the screen to move to the next event on the current day, or a downstroke to move to the prior event on the current day. A short tap dismisses the Event Details Screen, while a long press will bring up the Edit Dialog for the selected event.

The format of the screen template is covered in the appendix of the Pimlical/Desktop Reference manual: www.pimlicosoftware.com/pimlical-manual.pdf.

Duplicate Item

Makes a copy of the item that is identical in every way except that exceptions to a repeat event are purged, and if the item was marked as Canceled or Completed it will be returned to a normal status. Edit dialog then appears so any changes can be made to the copy.

Toggle Completion

If the item had a normal status, it is now marked as complete, and if complete, it is now marked as normal.

Toggle Cancellation

If the item was not canceled, it is now marked as canceled, and if canceled, it is now marked as normal.

Advance 1 Day

The item's date is advanced by one day. If the item has a repeat, then an exception is made and only the current instance is advanced by one day. If the Event Selection list is displayed from Find or Upcoming Alarms though, the entire repeat series is advanced by one day and the repeat specification adjusted accordingly based upon the new date.

Advance 1 week

As above, except the period for advancement is one week.\

Advance To Monday (or Tuesday, Wednesday...)

As above, except the item is advanced to the next, specified day of the week

Advance to Today

As above, except the item is always moved to today's date

Advance to First of Next Month

As above, except the item is moved to the first day of the next month


Deletes the item. By default a confirmation dialog is displayed (can be turned off with a preference setting). If the item is a repeat event, only the current instance of that event is deleted (unless the Event Selection List is being displayed from Find or Upcoming Alarms in which case the entire series is deleted). If you want to delete the entire series, you need to tap on the item in the Event Selection list and then delete it in the Edit Dialog (which will delete the entire series if All  was selected in the Repeat Exception Dialog, or if the item has never been synced - in which case all changes are made as if All had been selected.

Find All Items in Group

If the item is in a group, then all items that are also in that same group are now displayed in a new event selection list.

Go To Display/Due Date

If the item is a normal event, the current view is redisplayed with that day showing as part of the view. If the item is a floating event and has a due date, the due date is used for the display. If the item is floating reminder and there is no due date, the target event's date for the reminder is used for the display.

Save as Template

The item is saved as a quick entry template. You can edit or delete the quick entry template from the Event Selection Dialog.

Set Link to Contact Record

When selected, the built-in contacts application is invoked to display a list of all your contacts. Select the contact that you want to link to. To remove the link, go into the Edit Dialog and click on Edit Links and remove the link.

Set Link to Memo

When selected, a list of all your memos is displayed.. Select the memo that you want to link to. To remove the link, go into the Edit Dialog and click on Edit Links and remove the link.

Show Linked Contact (and/or memos)

If the selected item has a linked contact or memo, the contact details or memo will then be displayed. If there are two or more linked items, a list is presented of all links so you can pick the link you want. Memos have the legend (Memo) ahead of the link to identify them from contacts.

Show Meeting Attendees

If there are attendees to a designated meeting, the attendees are displayed and you can add/remove/email attendees, etc.

Show All Repeat Instances

This command will find all instances of a repeat - most importantly it will find all the exceptions to a repeat series whether created by editing just an instance, or by using the irregular repeat feature. You can select either the repeat series itself, or any instance of the repeat series to find all the other occurrences. Note that the instances of an irregular repeat series are separate events - you cannot apply a change to all the instances directly. If you need to do that, consider using Pimlical/Desktop which has a Change function which can apply to any number of events selected in Advanced Find.

Toggle Alarm

Toggles the Alarm on the selected item. If there is no alarm, a single alarm is set at the event time. if the item already has one or more alarms, all alarms are removed.

Share Event Text

The text of the selected item is presented to any Android application that can handle the sharing of plain text. The actual information from the selected item is formatted by a template (sharedetailstemplate.txt in the Pimlical Folder - see help section Share Details Template on the format of this template if you are a power user and wish to change it).

Forwards/Backwards by Date

When selected, the advance Time Picker dialog (Duration dialog) appears so you can pick a date based upon it being some number of days/weeks/months before (negative value) or after (positive value) the date in the Event Selection List. If the list is not associated with a specific day (i.e. it was displayed to show upcoming alarms, items linking to a contact, etc.) then today's date is used as the basis for the offset.

Remove Snooze Alarm

When selected, this command will remove all pending snooze alarms associated with the selected event. No other alarms, or snoozed alarms on other events are affected by this command.

Copy Selected Item

This command copies the selected event into a special list from which it can be subsequently pasted. Existing items that may already be in the list are not affected by this command. This command can be used to copy one or more items between different calendars. For example, it can be used to retrieve items that were inadvertently purged: just select the PimlicalArchiveCalendar and add all the items you want to restore to the list, switch back to the local calendar and then paste them back into the calendar. The multi-select button is especially useful for this function as it makes it easy to quickly select a group of items in an event selection list.

Note: the commands to copy and paste items should be used in a single session as the clipboard that remembers these items is not persistent (i.e. don't copy an item and come back two days later to try and paste it and expect it to still be there!).

Copy ALL Items In List

This command copies all the events in the current list into a special list from which it can be subsequently pasted. Existing items that may already be in the list are not affected by this command.

Clear Copy Items List

This command clears the special list from which items can be subsequently pasted. Note that copying and pasting items never clears the list, so you need to use this command before starting a new set of copy/paste functions.

Paste Items

This command pastes all the items that were previously copied into the special list with the Copy Selected Item and Copy All Items In List commands.

Set Link to File

This command opens up a File Navigation dialog that allows you to browse through files in the local filing system on your Android Device. At the top of the list (if applicable) will be the parent folder, indicated with two periods. Below that are all the files and sub-folders in that folder. Folders always start with a slash character so they can be easily distinguished from files and generally appear at the top of the list (everything is sorted into alphanumeric order). When you tap on a file to select it, Pimlical automatically appends the tag FILE:// and the full path to the file you selected to the end of the note field. This will also result in the hyperlink icon () being displayed for this item, as well as the hyperlink button in the Edit dialog. Tapping on the hyperlink icon will automatically launch an application that can manage that particular file type to display/play/activate/edit that file (what actually happens is a function of the file type you selected, and the configuration of your Android system of course). A typical use of this function might be to link a photograph to an item, or to link an MP3 sound file to an item etc. You can have any number of links to files set for a single event.

Internal Record Details

Displays internal information primarily for debugging/testing - not normally displayed by default.

Customizing the Popup Command List

see Preference: PopupListCommandsForEvent  in the section: [Commands and Functions] to select which commands you want to see and in what order they are displayed). If you use a certain command very frequently (such as Show Linked Contact) you may wish to move that to the top of the list so you can access it quickly without scrolling.