Pimlical Android Help


Pimlical/Android features a large number of preference settings that control the display of items or the way in which the program operates. It is definitely worthwhile to scan through all the preference settings quickly to realize what items can be changed in the program. When the menu item for Preferences is selected, a dialog appears with the section headers:

View Settings

Contains preferences that are related directly to the display of the various views. Things like hiding the start/end times, displaying empty headers in the list view, including note/location in the text, displaying the days of the month at top right rather than bottom right, or hiding icons etc. are covered in this section.

Display Fonts

Contains all the preferences that control the font and font sizes used for the display of text in various parts of the program. You can, for example, change the font for the date banner to be larger or smaller. Only the standard Android Fonts are available at this time (Serif, SansSerif and Monospace). Not all typesizes will result in a reasonable-looking display, and not all attributes (Italic/Bold/BoldItalic) are available in all fonts. If you select an attribute that is not available, it will be ignored.

Alarm Settings

Controls preferences related to alarms. See the help section on alarms for further information on how alarms are handled in Pimlical.

Appt/Float Settings

Covers default settings for appointments and floating events. Here you can do things like control the default duration of newly-created appointments, or select the default calendar to put the event in.


Covers the way in which various commands and functions operate in Pimlical. For example, the preference WarnOnDelete can be set to false in which case Pimlical will no longer put up a confirmation dialog every time you choose to delete an item. The preference PopupListCommandsForEvent allows you to choose which commands appear when you long-press an item in the Event Selection List and also allows you to change the order in which those items appear.  This section also includes preferences to determine what functions appear on the command bar, whether the command bar is displayed, and also the functions to use for the four programmable, diagonal swipe gestures.

Date/Time Settings

Covers the display of dates and times in Pimlical. This is where you would control whether you want 12hour or 24hour times displayed, whether you want to use Pimlical's Date and Time Picker dialogs, or use the Android standard Date/Time Picker dialogs. You can also set the default creation and display timezone and home timezone to efficiently handle traveling to different timezones (rather than having the preference AutoSetTimezoneFromPhone set it for you), or set the start of the week to any day of the week, or setup a custom week number.


Covers the display of colors in Pimlical/Android. Many of the colors displayed by Pimlical/Android can be completely controlled by user preference settings. Sliders for the Red/Green/Blue color components are displayed when a color is selected and the user can set the desired color by viewing the current color swatch at the top of that dialog.


Covers preferences related to the display and handling of memos. See Memos section for more information on those preference settings.


Covers preferences related to the display and handling of contacts. See Contacts section for more information on those preference settings.

Systems Items

This section covers system type items which the average user is not likely to change except perhaps once when the program is originally installed.