What's New In Version 6.0a & 6.1a (Major New Release)

New features in V-6.1a

New features in V-6.0a

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Important Note:

Note that DateBk6 now requires two prc files to be installed. Due to size limitations in the Palm OS development tools, the program had to be split up into two separate modules. DateBk6 has a new registration system. Registration codes from DateBk3 or Datebk4/5 will not work with Datebk6.


DateBk6 now handles BLOBs in the newer PIM databases. Because of this, you may see all kinds of BLOB errors that you never saw in 6.0 - this is not a bug in V-6.1, but rather an indication of some corruption (often benign) that should be cleaned up. Either do a hotsync with the desktop overwriting the handheld for the calendar database, or use the new copy of dbScan in the AdvancedStuff.zip file, launch it, tap on Other button, and select Calendar DB BLOB Check from the Options menu. This feature will remove all improperly formatted BLOBs from the calendar database. This is done automatically by DateBk6 when upgrading from 6.0 or any earlier version of DateBk, but if an older version of 6.1 had ever been installed for testing purposes, this automatic cleanup might not have been invoked.

Downgrading back to DateBk5:

If you decided you want to downgrade to DateBk5 either temporarily or permanently, be sure that you do not have the startup view set to the Today View as that did not exist in DateBk5 and can under some circumstances cause a reset if DateBk5 is reading DateBk6's preferences. Either restore your original DateBk5DB preferences or delete the DateBk6DB preference database if you encounter any problems downgrading.