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Purchase DateBk6 Upgrade From WeekView via PayPal (or credit card using PayPal) - $15.00

DateBk6 is a "shareware" program with a free trial period. You do NOT need to order the software to try it out. Only order the software when you are satisfied it will meet your needs as there are no refunds available once you receive your registration code. Click here to download the application as a Zip file.

This is only for the purchase of the DateBk6 UPGRADE- you must be a currently registered user of WeekView to be eligible for this upgrade price!

Palm HotSync User Name This is REQUIRED for purchase (Click Here for help on how to find it)

Original Email Address:     Required if your PayPal Email address is not what you registered WeekView with. Your shipping/mailing address is used to help locate the original order when you've changed your email/hotsync etc.
After filling in HotSync User Name above
      click on Buy Now to purchase DateBk6 Upgrade

Click here to download the very latest release of DateBk6.

You should receive your registration within 24-48 hours. If you do not receive it, please check our list of unreachable people at: www.PimlicoSoftware.com/invalidemails.htm. Note that you would only be on that list if your mail server explicitly rejects the email - if it's caught in spam filters, we won't know about it, so check for that. Also, Pimlico will *not* respond to any challenge response systems, so be SURE to whitelist this email address:

Other Ordering Options

Mail-In/Direct Orders

You can place an order by conventional methods with Pimlico Software, Inc. Payment methods that can be handled only include:

Cash -  If you send cash (US/UK currency only), there is a slight risk to loss (only 3 cash orders were lost in the last 5 years, but it is always possible). Make sure it is well-wrapped, and also make sure that you know the current exchange rate. If you aren't willing to accept the risk of the letter never arriving here, you should send cash by registered or certified mail.

Check - a check MUST be drawn on a bank with a US Address on the face of the check, otherwise it can not be accepted for payment. Eurochecks and other forms of check cannot be accepted. Traveler's checks drawn on US banks are acceptable.

International Postal Money Order. These can be accepted if made out in US Dollars.

On your order, you must specify the following information:

1. Product you want to order
2. Your HotSyncUser name
3. Your full name and mailing address
4. Your email address - required

And send it to:

Pimlico Software, Inc.
2031 Lowery (Old Loving) Road
Morganton, GA 30560 USA

If you register by mail, please type your registration information as those orders will be given priority for processing over handwritten orders. If you must use handwriting, please make sure the email address is extremely clear.

I receive an extraordinary number of hand-written orders that are completely illegible. Remember that the slightest typing error on an email address will render it completely useless.

If you register via snail mail and include an email address, you will usually get a response back within 24 hours of the arrival of your letter. Otherwise, your registration ID will be returned via Air Mail from the USA. Remember that surface mail can be VERY SLOW. It is NOT at all unusual for surface mail from England, for example, to take as long as TWO MONTHS - so send the registration letter by Air Mail if time is of the essence.

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