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»  Requires windows XP or later (Vista, Windows7...), Mac OS or Linux (most distributions)

Works with either 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Java

» Former/Current Palm Users:
See section below for special considerations in using Pimlical

What happens Next?
Registering Pimlical - You should receive your registration code by email within 24 hours (at most 48h) of placing your order. If you have not received it by then, first check the Invalid Emails Page where we list your name and the mail fault (but only if your mail server rejected your registration email). Then email Customer Support and include a copy of your order confirmation from PayPal. Do not open a dispute with PayPal. If you do that, your order will be automatically canceled and the registration revoked, causing problems when you go to re-order, so be sure to Email First and look on Invalid Emails Page to see if you are listed there!
Special notes for Palm Users:

Installing Pimlical - Note that if you are currently synching your Palm Handheld to the desktop, you must first install the new V-6.2 Palm Desktop Software. You can download that version from Palm's website. See home page for link to download links for Pimlical/Desktop.

If you have an older (legacy) Palm device, you will need to run the Pimlical Installation before you can see your handheld data in the Palm Desktop. Before running Pimlical, be sure to read the Read-Me file that appears at the conclusion of the installation.

Legacy vs. Newer Devices - Legacy devices are any device that runs Palm OS 4.0 or lower, any non-Palm brand device, or the Treo600, Tungsten T, T2, C or Zirej-71. All other devices are considered Newer Palm devices.

Pimlical - Desktop Version: $19.95

If you have already purchased Pimlical/Android through GooglePlay, Amazon Market or directly, and have your OrderID#, you can purchase the desktop version for $14.95 by clicking here

You can view extensive screenshots of Pimlical by clicking on the right-hand graphic.

Enter your Registration User Name - required for purchase
Registration User Name:  
Provide a registration name for this installation. You can use your default windows user name for this. When you first launch Pimlical, if the name you used above is not displayed, take that opportunity to change it to the name you specify here.

Note: If you are still using a Palm OS device and need to sync with it, use your HotSyncUser name as the registration name.  

Alternate Email Address:   
Only needs to be filled in if you want your registration sent to an email address other than your PayPal email address.


Price: $19.95 for Windows Desktop

    Click on PayPal Graphic at left to purchase Pimlical at $19.95.

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