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Android Operating System V-4.1 or later.

AT&T intentionally disabled the installation of non-market applications on some phones, so you may need to use the Android Central Sideload Wonder Machine to install Pimlical (recommended only for tech-savvy users).


What happens Next?
Downloading Pimlical Widget - You can download the widget from the link that will appear on the order confirmation page. A followup email will also be sent to you within 24-48 hours in case you miss that page.
Installation Instructions
Simplest Method:
  • Go into SETTINGS | APPLICATIONS and check box UNKNOWN SOURCES (allow installation of non-Market applications).
  • Mail the confirmation email to yourself on the phone, then click on the link for the page, and then in your web browser, click on the download link for the Pimlical....APK file. After it downloads, click on notification icon and select it and it will then be installed. Or you can manually enter the download link for the file itself into your web browser on the phone.

Alternate Method (if you cannot do the above):

If you have never installed a third party application directly (i.e. not from the market), you will need this one time to download and install an application that will install APK (install-type) files. Otherwise if you have already installed this application, skip now to step 2

1. Go into the Market application (as of 2012 updated to "Google Play") and search for APKInstaller and download and install it

2. Go into SETTINGS | APPLICATIONS and check box UNKNOWN SOURCES (allow installation of non-Market applications).

3. Connect the USB cable to your PC and open up notification list at top by sliding it down.

4. Click on USB CONNECTED in notification list, and click button: TURN ON USB STORAGE and confirm. Some Android phones will have an option for USB Mass Storage instead.

5. In Windows file explorer - look for the device that represents your Android phone (typically E: or F: etc. - usually will be marked as a "Removable Disk"

6. Drag and drop the PimlicalA-xxx-yyy.apk file into the root of that device (i.e. if device is F:, it should be in F:). Note: some environments erroneously change 'apk' to 'zip' (!). if so, manually rename it back to 'apk' before proceeding.

7. Click button TURN OFF USB STORAGE (or select Charge Only).

8. Launch APKInstaller and select PimlicalA-xxx-yyy.apk (on subsequent installs, there will be a Pimlical folder - be sure to click on the APK file and not the folder!).

9. Click on all the obvious buttons to install Pimlical.

10. If you like, you can move PimlicalA to the SD card going into SETTINGS | APPLICATIONS | MANAGE APPLICATIONS. You can also uninstall it from there too.

If you are re-installing and want to perform a completely clean install, then after step 6 above, delete the Pimlical folder.


Pimlical/Android Widget - 99 cents


  • Widget requires Android OS version 4.1 or later installed on your Android device to use this widget.
  • Top line has launch buttons for calendar, creating a new event, contacts or notes.
  • The second line shows the time until the next appointment is scheduled, while the bottom line shows the time to the next alarm.
  • The widget is resizable both horizontally and vertically and can display up to 20 events.
  • Widget can be refreshed at intervals anywhere from 1 minute to once a day (without causing any undue battery drain).
  • Widget Background can be opaque or have any degree of transparency.
  • Typesize of display is adjustable.
  • When you install the icon, there is an INFO button in the settings dialog that you can tap to look at the help file which provides more information on the widget.
  • The widget will display calendar information from both the standard Android calendar as well as Pimlical's local Calendar.
  • The Widget filter is created automatically by Pimlical on installation of the Widget. After it has been created, you can edit this filter in Pimlical/Android to completely custom-tailor what events/tasks appear in the Widget. For example, you may want to include completed events, or exclude tasks, etc.. You can even have a custom preference file attached to the Widget filter to provide even further control of the display.
You can read the on-line documentation for the Widget
or watch this online Video Tutorial:  

If you encounter any issue upgrading the widget, first try a clean install:
1. Uninstall (don't just remove) the older version of the widget
2. Reboot your Android device
3. Reinstall widget
Some Android devices appear to have a problem with properly stopping background services when upgrading widgets.

Price: $0.99 for Pimlical Widget.

PLEASE DO NOT OPEN A DISPUTE WITH PAYPAL IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM! Email TechSupport First, as Pimlico will settle it faster for you!
Click on PayPal Graphic at left to purchase the Pimlical Widget. You do not have to sign up with PayPal to make this purchase (just choose the guest option). After you purchase, you MUST click on the link "Return to Dewar@PimlicoSoftware.com" so you can see the confirmation page which has the link to download the application.

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