DbFixIt Read-Me-First File

Note: Only registered versions of DbFixIt will make
changes to the databases.

How do I install DbFixIt? Just double-click the DbFixIt.prc file or use the Palm Install Tool to set it up for installation and then hotsync. If one or more of your conduits is hanging and preventing the system conduit from running which installs applications, select the conduit it is hanging on and change the action from SYNCHRONIZE to DO NOTHING so it is ignored (note this only affects the next hotsync and then resets to its default setting).

How do I use it? In most cases, just tap the button at top left and it will run a comprehensive set of checks on all the PIM databases on your device. Registered versions will not only report errors but also fix them as well. The option to Remove Deleted Recs. is set by default because many people use DbFixIt to fix the known problem with deleted records causing a PIM conduit to hang.

Can all Databases listed in the Other list be scanned? Not necessarily. For example, DbFixIt may be able to open a database, but when it does this, there might be an application running in the background which cannot deal with the database being opened by another application and this may result in that application crashing underneath DbFixIt. There is no way that DbFixIt can tell that another database is safe to scan. If you do want to scan that particular database for some reason, you can try doing a system reset first (hold the UP button while poking reset and keep the UP button held until the device completely reboots). Then try scanning it. This may disable the background routines so the database is free to be scanned. After doing that, do a regular soft reset to restore normal operation. In general the point of having the OTHER button is only to select a specific database for scanning that you think may have a problem - usually it would be with a third party application. Note that there is a menu option Other Database Types which allows you to specify types other than 'DATA' for inclusion in the Other button list.

Where is the documentation? There is a comprehensive, 14+ page user manual in this zip file in PDF format. If you have difficulty reading the manual, download Version 7.0 of Acrobat Reader from www.adobe.com (it's a free download).

Basic Tech Support: If you have problems with the basic installation, getting a permanent registration code after registering electronically or other 'setup' problem, send an email to: PimlicoSupport@bigfoot.com

Advanced Tech Support: If you are an experienced user and have run into a more advanced problem, you can fill out a tech report form (copy in archive) and send it to: SWSupport@PimlicoSoftware.com.

Ordering Information

Files in the DbFixIt Zip Archive (2 chars after the 'dbfixit-v' are the current version # and will change)



dbfixit-v1b.zip dbfixit.prc The main DbFixIt program file.
dbfixit-v1b.zip read-me-first-dbfixit.htm The file you are now reading.
dbfixit-v1b.zip PurchasingAndRegistering_DbFixIt.htm This file contains information on where to purchase (register) DbFixIt.
dbfixit-v1b.zip TechReportForm.txt Is a form that you should fill out whenever you report a problem to SWSupport@PimlicoSoftware.com 

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To Remove DbFixIt

To remove DbFixIt, simply delete DbFixIt by selecting Delete from the App menu in the main launch screen of the Palm OS. Ignore any warning about deleting associated data, as there is no associated data for the DbFixIt application.

C. E. Steuart Dewar (aka CESD), Pimlico Software, Inc.
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