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User-Reseller Signup Page

This page is for any prior purchaser of a Pimlico Software product who wants to sign up as a Pimlico Reseller. All you need to do is fill out the form below and click the SignUp! button to submit it to Pimlico Software. After you do that, you can tell anyone that they can purchase Pimlico Software products like DateBk6 at a discount. All they have to do is provide YOUR email address when they go to one of the discount purchase pages. For each purchase made that references your email address, you earn a royalty equal to the discount provided to the purchaser:

Product Discounted Price Discount Royalty
DateBk6 $23.95 (regularly $27.95) $4 $4
DbFixIt $10.95 (regularly $12.95) $2 $2
DateBk6/DbFixit Bundle $29.95 (regularly $34.95) $5 $5

In the case of DateBk6, for example, the purchaser gets a $4 discount, and YOU get a $4 royalty payment. Sell 10 copies to your friends and they each save $4, and you earn $40!

The only pre-requisite for being a "user-reseller" is that you must be an individual, not a company, and you must have purchased a Pimlico software product (prior to filling out the form below) using an email address that matches one of the two email addresses you provide below and that you have a PayPal account.

The email address you provide as your Current Email Address below is the email address a customer must use to obtain their discount. You tell them to go to the appropriate discount page: there is a link at the top right to the regular purchase page AND a note with a link to the discount page. They will need to enter your email address correctly to get their discount. You may wish to open up a new, free yahoo, gmail account, etc. for this purpose.

Royalty Payments are made monthly via PayPal to the PayPal Email Address you supply below, provided that the current balance is $20 or more. If the balance is less than $20, the amount is carried forward to the following month. However, all accounts are paid in full at the end of each calendar quarter. If you don't currently have a PayPal account, you will need to go to PayPal and create an account to collect your royalty payment. Note that PayPal may impose a small processing fee if you receive regular payments from other sources as well. You can also choose to DONATE your royalties directly to the Dewar Wildlife Trust, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that funds wildlife conservation and its own Gorilla Haven project (www.gorilla-haven.org). To do that, just leave the PayPal email field blank. When you do that, you will get a summary each month showing the donations you have made - the amount that you donate is considered a tax-deductible donation to the extent permitted by law.

Reference Email is the email address you used on your prior order (you have to have a prior order before you can become a reseller). If you leave this field blank, a search will be made for a prior order using your Current Email Address or PayPal Email Address.

Your Full Name:                       

Your Mailing Address:         

Current Email Address:        
You will give this email address to anyone you are referring so they can get a discount when they make a purchase

PayPal Email Address:       
This is the email address to which your royalty payments will be sent - or you can leave this blank to donate royalties to non-profit, Dewar Wildlife Trust

Reference Email Address:  
This is the email address that you used to previously purchase a Pimlico Software product and will be used to validate your reseller signup. If you leave this blank, one of the two above email addresses will be used to attempt to validate your status as a prior purchaser.

Why donate your royalties to the Dewar Wildlife Trust, Inc.?

CESDewar of Pimlico Software "retired" some fifteen years ago and now works with his wife Jane as a contribution towards wildlife conservation and the very ambitious Gorilla Haven project - the only private, AZA-certified facility for gorillas in the world. He continues to write software under the name Pimlico Software for the sole purpose of raising funds and awareness for these efforts.

You can help the Dewars in their efforts by spreading the word about Pimlico Software and its highly-regarded software products while sharing in the satisfaction of making a valuable contribution to the betterment of this planet !

Purchasers need to be directed to the special discount pages which are DbFixit, DateBk6 and DateBk6-DbFixit-Combo.  

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