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Pimlical Advanced Calendar -   Manage your Calendar events, Tasks, Memos and Contacts in one integrated cross-platform application that installs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux desktops and syncs to any Android device with a matching Android application. Keep your data OFF the cloud, OR sync via Google Calendar or do both!
 Android Widget    V-3.3.3

 New: Includes optional button to create event from P/A Template List   
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  •  Pimlical/Android    V-3.3.3
     New Undo Last Edit, Multiple Selection in Event List, Multiple categories in contacts, improved color selection, alarms and advances that can be set after start time, duplicate record removal, Edit button in Alarm dialog  
  • Features, Screenshots, Documentation
  • Technical Support & Program Assistance...
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  •  Pimlical/Desktop And DirectSync    V-3.3.2
    New: Macintosh & Linux versions (100% identical code base to Windows version), Undo Last Edit, new hi-rez system icons, anti-aliasing of fonts, post-start-time alarms and negative advances, runs on 32 or 64-bit Java, new java-based installer
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      What's New in Pimlical ?
  • Macintosh & Linux versions (identical to Windows Version - the Java code In Pimlical really does support Write-Once, Run Anywhere! ). 
  • Alarms can be set after the event as well as before - advances can also be negative (so reminders appear days after an event)
  • New hi-rez system icons and anti-aliased fonts improve screen appearance
  • Supports Java 8 both 32/64 bit (after you let Pimlical convert your databases under Java 7).
  • Supports Google App Authentication and V3 Google Calendar API's 
  • Widget for Android (Separate application) 
  • Full Contact Support in P/A, P/D & DirectSync with new local contacts database (V2.x required for both P/A, P/D)
  • New Local HTTP Sync (can be used instead of a WebDAV server)
  • Command Bar in P/A
  • vCard import/export
  • iCalendar import/export
  • Preference to put Month numbers at top or bottom
  • Custom Alarm Sounds in P/A (can be separate from those in P/D, and still synced)
  • Dozens of new preference settings, and lots more...
  • Profits from the sale of these products benefit Wildlife Conservation and
    Dewar Wildlife Facility that houses Gorillas in the North Georgia Mountains

    Palm OS Applications are still available...
  • DbFixit - utility to repair Palm OS databases....
  • DateBk6 - Advanced Calendar Application......Special 2014 Price: $17.95!.
  • Legacy applications and other Programs.........
  • Converting/Migrating from DateBk/Palm to Android

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