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Pimlical Advanced Calendar -   Manage your Calendar events, Tasks, Memos and Contacts in one integrated cross-platform application that installs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux desktops and syncs to any Android device with a matching Android application. Keep your data OFF the cloud, OR sync via Google Calendar or do both!
 Android Widget    V-3.3.4

 New: Includes optional button to create event from P/A Template List   
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  •  Pimlical/Android    V-3.3.8
     New Set Link to File popup command, optional next/previous week buttons for command bar, better algorithm for detecting slipped finger on tap(!), optional quick return from Edit Dialog.  
  • Features, Screenshots, Documentation
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  •  Pimlical/Desktop And DirectSync    V-3.3.8
    New: Macintosh & Linux versions (100% identical code base to Windows version), Undo Last Edit, new hi-rez system icons, anti-aliasing of fonts, post-start-time alarms and negative advances, runs on 32 or 64-bit Java, new java-based installer
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      What's New in Pimlical ?
  • Macintosh & Linux versions (identical to Windows Version - the Java code In Pimlical really does support Write-Once, Run Anywhere! ). 
  • Alarms can be set after the event as well as before - advances can also be negative (so reminders appear days after an event)
  • New hi-rez system icons and anti-aliased fonts improve screen appearance
  • Supports Java 8 both 32/64 bit (after you let Pimlical convert your databases under Java 7).
  • Supports Google App Authentication and V3 Google Calendar API's 
  • Widget for Android (Separate application) 
  • Full Contact Support in P/A, P/D & DirectSync with new local contacts database (V2.x required for both P/A, P/D)
  • New Local HTTP Sync (can be used instead of a WebDAV server)
  • Command Bar in P/A
  • vCard import/export
  • iCalendar import/export
  • Preference to put Month numbers at top or bottom
  • Custom Alarm Sounds in P/A (can be separate from those in P/D, and still synced)
  • Dozens of new preference settings, and lots more...
  • Profits from the sale of these products benefit Wildlife Conservation and
    Dewar Wildlife Facility that houses Gorillas in the North Georgia Mountains

    Palm OS Applications are still available...
  • DbFixit - utility to repair Palm OS databases....
  • DateBk6 - Advanced Calendar Application......Special 2014 Price: $17.95!.
  • Legacy applications and other Programs.........
  • Converting/Migrating from DateBk/Palm to Android

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