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Technical Support - Submit Report for Pimlical/Desktop

In order to get good support on the product you are using, it is vitally important to have all the information necessary. There are many different versions of Windows, Java and if you sync to Android, over 10,000+ Android devices, all different, with dozens of different versions of the Android OS, and dozens of different versions of Pimlico Software products in use.

Before submitting a report - make sure you are running the current official release of Pimlical/Desktop (see home page which lists the most recent releases and check menu | Help | About & Tech Support... for the version you are running) - as otherwise, you will only get an email back telling you to install the current official release and re-test. Technical support is only provided on the current release and later interim previews, not on old releases.

Email Address (Specify Email Address you want response to go to):

Windows OS Version (XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows8, 8.1 etc.

(Java Version # is displayed in Menu | Help | About & Tech Support, as well as in windows Control Panel | java)

Pimlical/Desktop Version

Select Sync Method if syncing to P/A:

Experience Level:

Describe Technical Issue or Problem in as much detail as possible below (If you use DirectSync, be sure to include details on your Android device, Android OS, Pimlical/Android Version as well as sync method.

When will you get a response back?
You should normally receive a reply within 48 hours. If you have not received a reply by then, send in a new request and if you then do not receive it within another 48 hours, send an email to Technical Support.

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