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Jeff Hawkins, founder of Palm Computing and Handspring, and the person often referred to as the father of handheld computing said this about the DateBk application: DateBk is a remarkable product. It has more features than I use, but the ones I don't use generally don't get in my way. You seem to really get the philosophy behind Palm design. The application is also very robust. Handspring licensed DateBk3 for all of its popular Palm OS compatible Handheld devices as its Advanced Datebook application, DateBook+.

ZDNet gave DateBk5's predecessor, DateBk4, its top FIVE STAR rating and said: DateBk4 is an outstanding, feature-packed replacement for your Date Book, Memo Pad and To Do applications... It uses the same databases as your current applications so you don't need to re-enter appointments or other information. An excellent manual is available on the author's Website, but the DateBk4 interface is so intuitive, you'll hardly need it.

And the following comment from a DateBk user is typical of how they feel about this application (from a recent email):

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that DateBk3/4/5 is not only a fantastic product in its own right, but Pimlico provides the best support of any Palm software provider. That may sound like hyperbole, but I think it's fact.      Cheers Steve T

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