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Not heard from us? - Most likely we sent you an email but spam filters or some other problem prevented you from seeing it. Click Here to see if we got a notice that an email to you was rejected.

Forums - Forums provide an outlet for users and Pimlico participates actively in them. You may want to look at the Pimlical forum or the DateBk forums.

Technical Support. All Technical support is handled by email. In most cases, you will receive a response the same day you submit your request. For fastest service, use the Web-based forms on the Tech Support Page.

What do WE Support? - Did you know that all the proceeds from the sale of these products benefit wildlife conservation? In fact that's why Pimlico Software exists - see the Dewar Wildlife website for more information on that!

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Contact Pimlico Software

Pimlico Software provides support only by email or written correspondence (with email obviously being far preferable). There is no telephone support available. Please do not attempt to personally contact CESD or others by telephone as that is not a support option. You will get a response to emails typically within 24 hours, often less. If you do not get a response in that time period, re-send the email and then check link in left side-bar Not heard from us.

For Tech support on specific products, it's best to use the web-based from on the Tech Support page as otherwise, the first response may just to request basic information that you are prompted to provide on the Web-based forms.

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