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 Pimlical - Screenshots

The following screenshots were taken from a Pimlical installation with the default settings. Keep in mind that Pimlical is highly configurable, so things like fonts, colors and the screen configurations can be changed by preference settings and appear quite different from these samples.

[Pimlical Day View]

Pimlical's Day view. Note use of colors and fonts on individual appointments and small icons to identify events. Also you can attach photographs to events (so you know who is being fed on the PM Feed!). Events can be dragged and dropped to other time slots and the triangular nub at bottom can be dragged to change the duration of the event. The Item at 11am is a floating event which has been completed (checkmark in circle at end of line). The Link icon indicates this event is linked to a contact (which would provide the contact information for the USDA). The Saved Dates feature allows you to remember various dates in a dropdown list for quick selection later on. The Next Alarm pane always shows the next alarm to go off (and you can tap that button to see all the upcoming alarms). You can drag any item to the Priority pane where it will always be displayed along with the number of days left to the event from today. The Templates pane contains quick entry templates (drag and drop any item onto that pane and it becomes a template which can then be dropped back onto the calendar schedule to quickly create an event (along with intelligent adjustment of repeat events, due dates, etc.).

[Pimlical Day View 2]

Same View as above except the [<<] button was tapped which collapses the entire left pane to display more of the calendar itself. The left pane can be collapsed in any view by tapping the button or pressing Ctrl/V. You can switch views, go to today or enter new items with single keystrokes (T->Today, W->WeekView, M->MonthView, A->Appointment, F->Floating event, etc.).

[Pimlical Multiday View]

Pimlical's Multiday (Day+) view can display anywhere from 2-14 days. The display can either start on any day, or can be locked to the start of the week (based upon a preference setting). Selected days can be shaded (in this case a preference is causing Saturday and Sunday to be shaded in a light green). Navigation buttons at top can shift display either by one day [<] or [>], or shift by the number of days being displayed [<<] or [>>].

[PImlical WeekView]

The Pimlical Weekly View shows 1, 2 or 4 weeks at a time in a fixed 7-day format starting with the start of week preference setting. Again this can be a more convenient display if there are many overlapped items which make a blocked-time type schedule more difficult to read. Week numbers are displayed at the top of each week (as well as being displayed in the date navigator panel on the left).

[Pimlical Month View]

Pimlical's Month view shows an entire month.  A blue arrow indicates more items on that day (tap the Blue arrow to display all items on that day in the left, Other Pane. You can also mouse over any day and see all the events in that pane. Days outside of the current month are displayed in a light gray. Note the Filters pane is set to only display appointments, which is why the Show Hidden Items button is displayed. Tapping this button toggles between displaying all items and only showing those items that passed by the currently selected filter. Note the weekends shaded by that preference setting, and that Today's date is highlighted with a light-yellow background (of course all these colors are configurable by the end user).

[Pimlical MultiMonth View]

Pimlical's MultiMonth View can display 2, 4, 6 or 12 months and is useful when a large screen is available. Even on this far-too-small-screen, the icons are helpful in seeing what events are on that day. In this case, the mouse hovered over April 15th and the left Other pane shows the three appointments on that day.

[Pimlical List View]

Pimlical's List view shows all events in a scrolling window. This is convenient when blocked-time is not required, or when viewing very busy schedules where all the overlaps in a blocked-time view hide too much information.

[Pimlical Create Event]

In the Day+ view, a click on a day or pressing the letter q brings up the quick entry dialog to quickly create an event or task.  A time can be read, so in this case, the event Dinner with Harry Glassman will be scheduled at 7pm on that day. The Edit button invokes the comprehensive Edit dialog which allows any attribute of the item to be set or changed.

[Pimlical Edit Dialog]

Pimlical's Edit dialog allows any attribute of the appointment or task to be set or changed. Dual alarms are supported which can be set both before and after the event. Advance Notice creates an advance warning of an event as a Floating Reminder that downcounts to the event. This event is in the Astronomy category (an event can be in any number of categories and up to 255 categories are supported).  Up to four icons can be explicitly assigned to each event (in addition to a default icon that can be associated with any category). The Note pane allows an extensive note to be attached, while the Advanced section covers specialized items like custom alarm sounds or actions, attaching a custom image, or displaying the audit trail information (when an event was last modified and by whom).

[Pimlical Repeat Dialog]

Pimlical's repeat dialog has five buttons at top to quickly set a simple repeat with a single tap. For an advanced repeat specification, there are the usual options for repeat, plus a special Irregular repeat option which handles non-standard repeat schedules. Also there is an option to only show the next occurrence of an event, and the repeat end date can be set to an explicit date or based upon a number of occurrences. The Review Exception Dates button indicates this repeat event has some exceptions, which you can selectively remove. Exceptions to repeat series are always tracked and can be returned to the original repeat series with a button in the Advanced Pane of the Edit Dialog.

[Pimlical Time Picker Dialog]

Times are handled with a dialog that can display any number of different analog clock faces for 12 and various 24hr clock faces (a Digital clock will be added shortly). A time can be set either by tapping on the inner and outer rings, or by just directly keyboarding a time value. Timezones are handled - in this case the event is at 5pm in its native time zone, but will display at 8pm based upon the current timezone settings. Times can be entered either as the native time in that appointment's timezone, or as an adjusted time in the current timezone. A duration button allows a time to be set as an duration offset from another time (for example, setting the end time to 4 1/2 hours after the start time).

[Pimlical Advanced Find Dialog]

Pimlical's Advanced Find dialog takes advantage of the ability to use a filter to both Filter events for a view and Finding events for display. In this case, an item will be displayed if the corresponding checkbox is checked. For example, to only find or filter timed events, one would uncheck the Untimed checkbox.

[Pimlical Display Results Dialog]

The Display Results dialog displays the results of a Find function, where a filter was used to find all events in the database that matched that filter. In this case, a find was invoked for the text Meeting with a status of Normal (so that canceled or deferred meetings would not be displayed). In this dialog, you can select any number of items using Shift and CTRL (do not need to be contiguous) and then you can either click Change (which can change any attribute on all selected events in one step), Export (which exports all those events as a text file, using a configurable template), Shift (which shifts all items backwards or forwards by some time interval), Delete (which deletes all those items), or Print (which prints all selected items).

[Pimlical Link Dialog]

Appointments and tasks can be linked to contacts and/or memos as shown in this dialog (to follow a link, you just click the Link icon of an appointment.  Memos and contacts can be filtered by a text string and category, and any item can be double-clicked to display the full contents of that item

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