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Technical Support - FAQ's - Pimlical/Android: Frequently Asked Questions

 I got a new Android phone - how do I move Pimlical to the new phone?   
If you ordered Pimlical/Android through GooglePlay, the application will automatically install on your new phone provided you have the same google account on that phone. If you ordered it direct, you need to download Pimlical/Android from the private link - if you've lost it, send an email to SWSupport@PimlicoSoftware.com with Pimlical/Android Download Request as the subject of the email.

To move your calendar data and preferences, copy the entire contents of the Pimlical folder, including sub-folders to your desktop and from there copy it to the Pimlical folder on your new phone. Some Android phones mount the SD card (or virtual equivalent) as a 'media device' that only Windows File Explorer can see, so be sure to use File explorer to copy the files back if that is the case. Also, note FAQ below about physical SD card no longer being supported (only an issue if you had used a PimlicalStoragePath.txt file in the past to re-route the Pimlical Folder on some Android devices).

AutoSync no longer works as of 28Sep2017  - I get a 400 and V1_retired errors
Dropbox, like many companies that have no understanding of the value of maintaining backwards compatibility decided that they would come out with a totally new API and then dropped support for their original API. The new API is completely different, so ALL the code in Pimlical/Android AND Pimlical/Desktop has to be rewritten to accommodate the new API. Work on this started some time ago, but had to be set aside while work proceeded on the Google PlayStore (since Google broke the upload mechanism that has been in place for some 6+ years).

Pimlico now spends far MORE time just rewriting Pimlical to accommodate all the changes that google, dropbox, Samsung, java, etc. keep making to the environment in which Pimlical runs – it’s a staggering loss of productivity that hits small developers hard.

In the interim, your only option for backing up to dropbox would be to manually copy the local databases to the server. Some users may be able to substitute the use of a mapped cloud server on the desktop (there’s no equivalent option in the android OS).

See http://www.PimlicoSoftware.com for updates on this issue.

The List (or Day, Day+) View is blank (new issue in V-3.5.29) or only displays 1 day
V-3.5.29 of Pimlical is now compiled with the Android OS 4.1 libraries and there's a bug in the OS whereby Out Of Memory Exceptions are not reported properly, and as a result, Pimlical does not reduce the number of days in that view to match available memory. Solution is to either (a) reduce the pointsize of that view (Preference: ListViewFont) or reduce the number of days in that view (Menu | Views | Long-press the List+ button). Note that depending on the density of events, you may need to step it back a bit more than the minimum value in order to avoid some other list page not displaying. If an Out Of Memory condition occurs, Pimlical automatically sets the List View to display 1 day to ensure the view displays - you can then advance that number to a value which still results in the list view being displayed consistently.

V-3.5.44 and later will request more memory to be allocated to Pimlical/Android, and that should provide some relief for this issue for most users.

Some Alarms are getting missed now that I upgraded to Android OS 6.x
Android OS 6.x introduces a new DOZE mode which gets invoked when the device has been untouched for a significant period of time - this is done in an effort to conserve battery life by not waking up the device every time an alarm is set by an application. To get alarms to work properly and reliably, you must to Whitelist PimlicalCalendar so that it breaks through doze mode and sounds the alarm anyway. If you do not do this, the Android OS may ignore alarms set by Pimlical! Also, whenever you upgrade to a new version of Pimlical, you MAY need to go back and set this again (on some devices, it appears that upgrading the App clears this setting).

1. Go into System Settings | Battery
2. Click on overflow menu button at top right and select Battery Optimization
3. Change setting from ALL APPS to NOT OPTIMIZED.
4. When list appears, select PimlicalA and change setting from Optimize to Don't Optimize and tap Done button.

Other devices may work differently, but it's usually in the Battery section (Samsung refers to it as Unmonitored Apps for example).

After updating to OS 6.0 on a Samsung phone, PimlicalA is crashing (and a reboot of the phone temporarily fixes it)
If you see an error file, UncaughtException…error in the Pimlical folder with an error message like this inside it:

!@Too many alarms (500) registered from pid 9300 uid 10224

java.lang.SecurityException: !@Too many alarms (500) registered from pid 9300 uid 10224

This is due to a proprietary change that Samsung made in its versions of the Android OS. Make sure you have V-3.5.18 or later installed which has a workaround for this issue.

I am getting an UNDEFINED FIELD 0 error and can't read the calendar
Most likely you just updated Pimlical/Android to V-2.2 or 2.3 but did not update Pimlical/Dekstop and did a DirectSync which won't work because the calendar file format had to change with V-2.2 and so you must match the versions of Pimlical/Android and Pimlical/Desktop. the current release of Pimlical/Desktop is available for download from a link on this web page.

I tap the screen but often nothing happens - this also happens on a long-press on an item, why is Pimlical ignoring it?
If you have a pretty high resolution screen, you are probably moving your finger on the screen as you tap/press it. So the Android OS interprets the gesture as a Fling or Scroll operation instead. The latest release of Pimlical/Android now has a special preference: FingerSlipThreshold with a default value of -1.  That is changed by Pimlical to a value that should be appropriate for your phone and avoid this issue, but if you are still experiencing an issue, try adjusting this to a higher value and see if that helps. What this preference does is tell Pimlical that in a Fling or Scroll operation, if the finger only moved a small distance, then it should be interpreted as a tap or press. This is especially worth doing on a device with an HD screen (and very definitely with 4k screens!). Pimlical is probably one of very few applications that simultaneously supports taps, long-presses, scrolls and Flings on the main screen, which is why you might not see this issue in most simple applications. Some devices (like Samsung) seem to have a bigger problem with this than other devices, perhaps because of custom modifications to the Android OS(?).

I am losing preferences and seeing them unexpectedly reset/seeing error messages, etc.
Look in the Pimlical folder for error files (files that have the word 'error' in the filename or extension). If you see error messages that contains messages referring to a rename problem such as: Failed to rename temporary file to current!, this usually indicates you are having an issue with badly written antivirus software. The problem is that when Pimlical closes out a temporary file, before it can rename it, some other process leaps in and locks the file so it can scan it for viruses, and by locking the file, Pimlical is then unable to rename the file. This is, of course, inappropriate behavior - as no application should be stepping in and locking another application's files (!). The antivirus program is assuming, that since the file has been closed, the application won't need to look at it for a while and that should be long enough for it to quickly scan the file, but that's a completely erroneous assumption and leads to this problem as it is quite common to write a temporary file out first (to be sure it gets written properly) and then delete the original and rename the temporary file. It is also a stupid idea as if an application is inserting viruses into its data files, it's not going to be so incredibly dumb as to leave it out in the open where it's obviously detectable.

Anyway, the latest releases of Pimlical attempt to recover from this by repeating the rename operation if the main data file is missing and a temporary file exists - it might be possible to improve the workaround a bit, but the only rational solution is to turn off any "live-scanning" or 'real-time scanning" feature until such time as the company rewrites it properly so it does not interfere with a running application.

My local calendar just disappeared, why? and how do i restore it?
First, to restore your local calendar, go into menu | Select Local calendar and tap the RESTORE button and pick an earlier restore point - for more information on backup and restore - see the helpful video in menu | Help & USage Tips | online manual.

Second, do you have Anti-Virus software installed? Several AntiVirus programs are badly designed and interfere with the normal operation of Pimlical/Android (in particular, they are instantly locking closed files, thereby preventing P/A from renaming files). Programs such as Avast, should likely be removed until such time as the developer updates them to function properly in a multi-tasking environment (the value of such programs with the android OS has yet to be confirmed anyway according to most reviewers).

Finally, look in the Pimlical folder for any error files (files with a TXT extension and usually the word 'error' as part of the filename, such as UncaughtException_ErrorXXXX.txt) and send those files here for analysis if you see any.

I just upgraded to KitKat 4.4 and now nothing works :(
KitKat 4.4 no longer allows third party apps to write to the Micro Sd card. Why? you'll have to ask Google about that as for most developers this is a complete mystery and it causes grief for a lot of Android users. In theory, it is supposed to improve security, but bandaid solutions like this only work until the hackers figure out yet another workaround (solution: design an OS that is secure from the ground-up - don't apply bandaids to an insecure design!).  You will only be affected if you were using a PimlicalStoragePath.txt file to redirect Pimlical/Android to use the Micro SD Card instead of internal storage. If you had done that, you may now in all likelihood have to move the Pimlical folder from the SD card back into internal storage and delete the PimlicalStoragePath.txt file in the top folder of internal storage. Keep in mind that if you do not sync on a regular basis, your backup copies will also be in internal storage, and if your phone dies, you won't be able to access it easily (this was one advantage of putting data on the SD card). Also if your phone dies and you replace it with a new phone, you will no longer be able to just pop out the SD card from the old phone and pop it into the new phone, so moving regular backups to the Sd card or your desktop would be advisable.

Usual Steps applicable to most Android devices and (if you are using it ) WebDAV Server Pro:
1. Connect phone to desktop using USB cable and mount as an MTP type connection. Launch Windows File Explorer and you should see two folders listed - one for the SD card and one for the phone.
2. Drag and drop the Pimlical folder on the SDCard to your desktop
3. Drag and drop the Pimlical folder on the desktop to  phone storage (should be a top-most folder there). This has the beneifit of leaving a backup copy on your desktop.
4. Delete the PimlicalStoragePath.txt file that you previously created on the SD Card.
5. If you are using a WebDAV server, remember the location of Pimlical's databases has now changed to internal memory - so go into Settings | Home Directory and select phone storage (very confusing on several Android  devices this is actually called 'SdCard(!) - when in fact it is not your physical sd card, but rather the part of internal memory that emulates an Sd card.

The other solution for power users would be to root the phone at which point you can then work around this restriction in the Android OS. Most likely, third party ROMs won't have this restriction.

I upgraded to a new version of the Android OS (or Pimlical) and now my Menu button has disappeared! What happened?!
Not all Android devices support a hard-wired menu button. The most recent versions of the Android OS now leave it up to the application to provide a menu button. In some cases, the Android OS will automatically provide a menu button (usually three vertical dots) for backwards compatibility, but you may find your device not supporting that functionality.

If so, you will need to reserve one of the buttons on the command bar (which is always displayed) for this function. Of course, how do you get into preferences if there is no menu button?! That was anticipated as an issue - If you LONG PRESS one of the command bar buttons that has no associated long-press function, It will popup the menu, so you can get into preferences. For example, the M button to bring up the Month View or a long-press on the NEW FLOAT button will do that. If you have NO command bar buttons that will respond to a long press, you can still get to the menu by bringing up an event selection list (brief tap in any view) and then long-pressing the green checkmark.

After doing that, go into Commands/Functions and change one of the settings of the preference CommandBarViewButtonX (where x is a digit from 0-7) to change that button to perform the desired menu function - Scroll through the list for:

Me - Main Menu

Then you will have a menu button always available on the Command bar.
Items entered in Pimlical/Android are not appearing in Google Calendar OR How do I set the default calendar for new events?
Pimlical/Android by default uses the same/identical database as the built-in calendar application, so the first step is to make sure that a newly created item in the built-in Android calendar application syncs to Google, as if that is not working, Pimlical/Android won't work either (make sure you have sync enabled, etc.).

Second, did you assign the item created in P/A to a Google calendar? By default, P/A will use the first calendar in the database and on some phones, there is a local calendar (called things like MyCalendar PC-Sync etc.) which does not sync. Make certain in the Edit dialog that you have a Google calendar selected. You can set Pimlical/Android to always create an item in a specific calendar by setting the preference DefaultApptCategory (and DefaultFloatCategory, DefaultTaskCategory) to the name of the calendar you want to use (with earlier versions of P/A you had to type in the calendar name, prefixed with A_ , but all newer versions provide a selection list for this function.

Third - did you click on Refresh in Google Calendar to be sure the item is missing? If you still have a problem, ensure you have the latest release of Pimlical/Android and if it still fails, contact tech support at the link at the top of the page.

The Date Picker (or Time Picker) isn't displaying all the digits properly
There's a calculation error in some versions of the Android OS that can cause the default fontsize to be just slightly too big. To fix this, just adjust the preference DatePickerFont (or TimePickerFont) to a slightly smaller fontsize.

The location field is getting lost in Android/Google calendar after syncing
This is a known bug in Google's Android 5.0 (lollipop) OS (possibly in some earlier releases too) - it has nothing to do with a flaw in Pimlical. The problem only occurs with Android calendars because it is Google's sync software that has the flaw. Using the Local Calendar in Pimlical will not exhibit that problem.

How do I set up Pimlical so it always opens with today's view?
This is a very basic question, so we recommend that you read through the online manual (menu | Help & Usage Tips | Online Manual) as this indicates there's likely a lot of functionality you are overlooking. The simplest way to make this change is to go into menu | Views and pick an item in the dropdown list for the Startup View (all views start with today unless you pick the option to preserve the last view and date). For more control, edit a filter and make the appropriate adjustments in the Repeat Rule & Views Pane (last pane with repeat icon) and the Date Rule Pane (calendar icon).

Keep in mind that there is no concept of exiting an application in the Android OS. You may THINK you are 'exiting' the program by hitting the back button, home button or even using menu | Exit in Pimlical, but the program remains running -- all that happens is that the Android OS displays the Home Screen, or last viewed application. So when you subsequently tap the Pimlical icon in the Home Screen, you are not launching the application - rather you are just switching back to it (as you would say in Windows by using Alt/Tab). However, since most users think they are 'exiting' the application, Pimlical does try and simulate this by setting a flag so that when it gets re-activated, it acts as if it is being launched and obeys the startup view.

Google Calendar syncs some, but not all items, in the calendar to Android Calendar that Pimlical/Android uses
By default, the Android calendar sync routines do not sync the entire contents of each Google Calendar. It appears that older (more than approximately one month?) non-recurring events do not get synced. You can temporarily force the Android calendar sync routine to sync everything by going into Pimlical Desktop, selecting all items in that calendar in Advanced Find, then clicking on Find then Shift and leaving the shift value at 0 and click on OK. That will mark all items as recently modified. However, it appears on some Android phones, this strategy only works for a short period of time.

I tapped on the upgrade button and it shows an upgrade is available, but it will not download or install

Unfortunately, Google decided (like Microsoft often does) to try and increase security (but, like Microsoft, in ways that are completely ridiculous...) and as a consequence, the function to install an update of the application no longer works in Android (you would think the programmers at Google would be smart enough to figure out that it is ok to let an application install an upgrade to itself, since there is a matching, unique signature? but noooooo ). Your only option is to manually download the APK file to your device and then use an APK Installer or any Android File Manager to install it. This is of course not an issue if you purchased Pimlical/Android from GooglePlay or the Amazon Market, but at this time there is no simple way to switch to using Google or Amazon without repurchasing the application (but also keep in mind that the revenues from the sale of this product all go to help Wildlife Conservation, so maybe it's not such a bad deal to do that ;) - to get the link to the download, send an email to Tech Support with a subject line of Pimlical/Android Download Request (make sure it perfectly matches that text).

I have been told that a new release is available, but can not find it on Google PlayStore (or Amazon Market)
There are VERY GOOD REASONS why it is not put in the Playstore or Amazon Market right away.  First, on a major new release, even though the beta testers are very diligent, there is no way they can catch all the problems. There are now well over SEVEN THOUSAND Android devices out there, and most of the testers tend to have just a very small number of the more popular/better/(but often more expensive) devices.
Second, as soon as a new release is posted to the PlayStore or Amazon Market, everyone gets notified of the new release and immediately tries to download the new release.  It would make no sense to have several tens of thousands of users running into a bug that was missed by the testers, and then have to deal with getting tens of thousands of emails all complaining about the same issue.

So just wait a few days or so and it will then appear in the Google PlayStore and Amazon Markets.

I originally purchased Pimlical/Android from Pimlico directly - how do I install the latest version?

Send an email to the Tech Support email address: SWSupport@PimlicoSoftware.com with this subject line: Pimlical/Android Download Request and you will get an email back usually within a few hours with a link to the latest release. You must send the email from the email address that you originally used to purchased the application with in order to get the download link. If you no longer have that information, email tech support directly and try and provide as much identifying information as possible to locate your original order.

I have the latest version of Pimlical/Android but it just exits with NOT LICENSED or TRIAL VERSION.

If the version you installed ends with -G (i.e. like V-3.5.14-G) this means you purchased it from the Google PlayStore and you need to resolve the issue with Google as it is licensed by Google. If the version ends with -A then you purchased it from the Amazon Market and need to go back to Amazon to resolve the licensning issue. In most cases, the problem would be that you no longer have the original Gmail/Google/Amazon account present on your Android device that you used to purchase it originally. Both Google and Amazon periodically check that purchased Apps are properly licensed.

If the version number ends in -D, then you had originally purchased Pimlical/Android directly from Pimlico. In that case, you will not be licensed unless the ReferenceID displayed in menu | About matches the information in Pimlico's registration database. Go into Menu | About and look at the ReferenceID and send that to Pimlico Tech Support along with your full name, address and if possible, the original email address you used when you purchased Pimlical. It will then take some 24-48 hours for new license files to be uploaded, so try again in some 24-48 hours by going into menu | About (you may need to exit and go back again in to menu | About to see the change take effect. If you have no email account on the device, your ReferenceID will typically be the Device ID. The ReferenceID is only displayed in later versions of Pimlical/Android (2.1.35 or later).

Text is truncated and mangled in the Edit Dialog and several other dialogs
At this time, Pimlical does not cater to the LARGE font setting in the System Settings (Settings | My Device | Display | Font Size) because it would require a complete redesign of several dialogs which would also make the information much less accessible for the vast majority of users who use the Normal or smaller settings. There are no immediate plans to address this issue. Set the Font Size to Normal to confirm that was the issue with your device. If it was already set to Normal, contact Tech Support.

I can not control the Alarm Volume setting, or alarms sound even when all sound volume settings are turned off, or no alarms sound at all
Some Android phones have no setting for controlling the Alarm Volume (Bug? DDD? (Dumb Design Decision). Although the standard Android OS has such a control,  many Samsung phones have no control over it. In that case, set the preference: UseRingtoneVolumeForAlarms to true and then you can control the Alarm volume by adjusting the Ringtone Volume. 

After upgrading to Lollipop (OS 5.x), I sometimes (just rarely) miss an alarm (device wakes up, but nothing happens)
This is a known bug in Lollipop (5.0 and 5.1), whereby alarms are triggering anywhere from a minute to several minutes late. In theory, if an application is compiled for an earlier version of the Android OS (as Pimlical is), its alarms are supposed to be treated as needing to go off at the precise time, but instead, due to a bug, they sometimes (always?) get treated as if they are inexact and can go off late if the OS is dozing. For technical information on this, see: http://android.stackexchange.com/questions/88777/lollipop-alarm-isnt-firing-in-time.
Some users have reported that a factory reset 'fixes' this problem, but that's a pretty drastic step to have to take. So far, this problem has not been seen in Marshmallow (OS 6.x), so perhaps Google has fixed it (?).

DirectSync Seems to be losing track of changes made to Floating Events (ex. items marked as complete are coming back as incomplete, etc.)

If you advance floating events on both platforms, it is essential that you set the preference FloatAdvanceSetsDirtyFlag to false. Otherwise, whichever platform advances floating events at the latest time will prevail and changes made to the floating event on the other platform will be overwritten.

DirectSync can't find my phone as a drive when I mount it with USB cable - or can I sync via network instead of USB?

Some ICS (Android 4.x) devices have Phone Storage which is internal to the phone and which does not appear as a PC drive to many applications (including Pimlical) when mounted via USB cable. In that case, we recommend that you use an app like WebSharing (available on GooglePlay) which can mount the Phone Storage as a network drive that Pimlical can see. This also works well in general for syncing from P/A on any Android device to P/D and appears to be fast and reliable.

Pimlical does not launch at all and indicates it needs to be restarted
If you see this error immediately after your device has been upgraded to Android 4.x from an earlier version of the Android OS, the most likely explanation is that you are using an old version of Pimlical/Android released before this new version of the OS. Android 4.x is not backwards compatible with respect to the Android calendar, so you must install a version of P/A released after that updated appeared. Go to your private download link to download the latest release of P/A, or if you have forgotten it/lost it, send an email to technical support with the subject line Pimlical/Android Download Request.

Otherwise, if you see this error when you try and run Pimlical/Android for the first time, this usually indicates that either (a) you have an incompatible Android device (see minimum requirements), or (b) you have something highly unusual in your If calendar that is causing an issue. In the latter case, contact technical support right away, and preferably arrange for the email address: PimlicoSoftware@gmail.com to be granted access to the calendar that is causing the problem.

If this problem occurs after Pimlical has been running previously ok, it indicates that some major corruption is present. The fastest way to get back up and running is to attach the phone to the desktop and rename the Pimlical folder to say Pimlical-Problem. Then relaunch Pimlical which will rebuild all the standard, default preference settings. By renaming the folder, you will then be able to communicate with Technical Support and the cause of the failure can be determined.

I tried to Restore the local contacts with menu | Restore Contacts (DAT) but nothing is displayed
This was an issue in some versions of Pimlical/Android. Use an Android File Manager, or connect phone to desktop and use Windows File Explorer and look in the Pimlical/PimlicalContacts folder for the backup files and restore it manually by copying the .bk1 (or .bk2, .bk3...) file into the .dat file.

Why is every word capitalized in the title field of an event?
Everything like this is almost always controlled by a preference setting. You may find it useful at some point to just peruse all the preference settings by going through each section of preferences and scrolling through all of them to see the wealth of things that you can change to customize this application to meet your needs. For example, by default every word is capitalized for an event, but the preference: AutoCapitalizeEventTitle can be set to false if you don't like that behavior.
Pimlical seems sluggish when moving from view to view or day to day
If you have a lot of very large note fields, and a large number of records in the database, trying to display the note field in the main views may be the problem on slower devices, so try setting the preference IncludeNote to false.

How do you scroll the display in the Day/Day+ views?
Scroll by pressing down at top center of the screen and then drag down the screen - an up/down stroke in the center of the screen causes the display to scroll. In most cases it is not an issue unless you are using very small time slots (such as 15min) or toggled the display to show all 24 hours of timeslots even though nothing is present in them. If you do that, you can minimize the issue by selecting a briefer duration between the Start time and End time for the day in preferences. Also keep in mind there is a menu option to toggle the display of untimed events on and off as usually the problem is a large number of floating events at the beginning of Todays' schedule.
Items entered in Pimlical/Android are not appearing in Google Calendar OR How do I set the default calendar for new events?
Make sure that the item is marked as being in a Google Calendar in the Edit Dialog. By default, P/A will put items in the first calendar it finds, and if this calendar is a local or other calendar (such as PC Sync, or My calendar), it won't appear in Google Calendar. You can set a permanent default for the calendar that P/A uses by going into Menu | Preferences and changing the preference DefaultApptCategory (or DefaultFloatCategory for floats) to the name of the Android calendar prefixed with A_ (so if the calendar is 'My Appts', set this preference to 'A_My Appts'). if you are using Pimlical's local calendar, you would just set it to the category in the local calendar.
I have just upgraded, but cannot see the new hi-rez icons which are supposedly in this upgrade.
When upgrading, your existing icon collection is never overwritten because you might have customized it. If you have not customized your collection, you can safely delete the existing icon collection (UserIcons.dat in the Pimlical folder for Pimlical/Desktop, or IconArchive.dat in the Pimlical folder for Pimlical/Android) and the new icon collection will appear when you next launch Pimlical.
Icons in Pimlical/Android are the wrong size or some icons are hidden at the bottom of the screen.
Especially, when upgrading and using a new icon collection, you may find that the icon sizes in the icon selection dialog are too big or too small for you taste. You can control the size of the icons in that dialog with the preferences: IconDisplayWidth and IconDisplayHeight. If it looks like the number of rows is incorrect (a problem on just a few Android devices), you can use the preferences: FixNumberOfIconRows and FixNumberOfIconRowsLandscape to fix the number of icon rows to a suitable value for your device. You can also control the size of the icons displayed in the EventSelectionList with the preference: SelectionListIconSize.
I have icons in my desktop collection that I can't see in Pimlical/Android
You can always generate a compatible icon collection for Pimlical/Android provided that you have all the separate graphics available in a folder (on installation of Pimlical/Desktop, there is an icon folder that has all the graphics that comprise the collection of graphics used in Pimlical/Desktop's icon collection). Just use the EXPORT button in Menu | Icon Management in Pimlical/Desktop to generate an IconArchive.dat file that you can then copy to the Pimlical folder on your phone's sd (or virtual SD) card. Then force-stop Pimlical or kill it with a task killer and relaunch Pimlical and you will then see the matching icons.
The font sizes used in Pimlical/Android aren't right for this phone
With some 30,000+ Android devices out there (as of 2014), all slightly different, it's not easy to try and come up with default font sizes that work well on every device. However, it only takes a moment to change them. On initial install, you do have a chance to preset most font sizes to either a Small set (suitable for low-rez devices) or a Large set (suitable for very high-rez devices) instead of using the  normal defaults. You can change the font sizes of various items in the User Interface by going into menu | Preferences | DisplayFonts. In any view, you can use an up-down (or down-up) stroke on the right edge of the screen to dynamically change the size of text in that view (every view remembers the font size independently) to match what you like to see. The option to pick small or large fonts is only shown once when Pimlical is launched after being installed. You can get those options to re-display by setting the preference: ShowHelpOnStartup to true and then going into menu | Help & Usage Tips. If you want to have Pimlical go back to using the Normal font sizes, then uncheck both boxes and Pimlical will reset the fontsize to normal, otherwise, if both boxes are checked(!), no change is made to the font settings.
Sync with Exchange Server does not work, or only works one way
The following post about this problem (which is not a Pimlical/Android issue) may be helpful:

Some deeper digging in the internet showed that other users have the same problem. They describe that the sequence in how the accounts are added to the phone influence if Exchange is showing up in the calendar app or not. Many users solved the problem by completely resetting the phone and to set up the Exchange account before setting up the Google account.

This is not necessary! Here is a solution which works without completely resetting your phone:

  1. Delete the Exchange account under “Settings > Accounts and Sync”
  2. Delete the calendar data by going into Settings, Applications, and selecting both Calendar and Calendar Storage, then “Delete data”
  3. Re-add the exchange account.

Please note that your Exchange calendar won’t be deleted; but if you have items in your local calendar they will be gone after these steps!

I want to Sync Pimlical Desktop to Pimlical/Android without using Google Calendar
Install latest releases of Pimlical/Desktop and Pimlical/Android that support DirectSync. Information on DirectSync is here.
The Menu and Back buttons seem to have stopped working but everything else is ok and exiting/restarting the app fixes it for a while, but only a while
This was an issue with the older 1.20.47 release if the user attempts to access the local calendar prior to setting it up (it's not easy to do that, but some users figured out a way of inadvertently doing just that!).  Just upgrade to the current official release.
I see a new version in Menu | About | What's New, but Upgrade button says I have latest version
When a new version is released, it is first posted on the web site along with an updated Revision History, but not marked as an official version. The Pimlical Forum is then notified of the new release so that highly experienced users download it first. That way, if there is any unexpected issue say on a particular phone, it can get addressed before the entire user base starts downloading it. If no major issues are found, Pimlico then marks it as an official upgrade and at that point, the Upgrade button will recognize it as a new official release. That process typically takes around 3-4 days to run its course. Also, when Google or Amazon Market choose to upgrade your phone with the new version is not something that is under the control of Pimlico Software.

If you purchased Pimlical/Android some time ago directly from Pimlico Software, you can get a link to the upgrade by sending an email with the subject line: Pimlical/Android Download Request to Tech Support.

I am in an unusual timezone and get an error: ERROR: TimeZone Problem.....
If you see an error message like: ERROR: TimeZone Problem, Home, Current or Creation Timezone Specified in Preference database is not in correct format or references an undefined Timezone or DST Rule, this most likely means that your particular timezone has not been defined in the Worldtimezones.txt database. If this is the case, you need to add a line to the Worldtimezones.txt file that is in the Pimlical folder on the phone (use either an Android text editor like Jota, or connect phone to PC and use notepad.exe to edit the file). Add the line in this format (this example is for Saskatchewan that uses Central time, but no DST rule):

-06:00 Canada/East-Saskatchewan[Sask]

The first character is - for timezones West of GMT and + for timezones East of GMT. This is followed by the Offset from GTM in HH and MM. If there is a DST rule, there is a single letter after the GMT offset (See Pimlical Reference Manual for details on how to setup DST rules). This is then followed by the Olsen database name for the timezone. Try and locate the name in the Olsen Database which lists all the Olsen names for timezones. If it's not there, try and at least locate a timezone with the same attributes (GMT offset and DST rule) - if not, make one up (it's ok for Pimlical, but if you sync to Google, Google needs a valid Olsen name). At the end put in the abbreviation for the timezone in brackets (this is arbitrary, so you can use whatever you like there). Close out the Worldtimezones.txt file. Launch Pimlical, go into Menu | Preferences and pick Home Time Zone and select some OTHER timezone (you won't see your new entry quite yet) - close it out, then go back in again and this time you should see your new entry and can select it.

One other possibility if you set the correct timezone but it gets corrupted/reset on a regular basis is that your phone does not set the timezone correctly, or does not follow the proper Android standard for designating the current timezone. If that is the case, you can set the preference AutoSetTimezoneFromPhone to false which will prevent P/A from trying to reset the timezone. You can then manually set the timezone in the Date/Time section of preferences, and be assured that P/A will not change them based upon the Android OS.

Alarms are not sounding OR Pimlical does not seem to obey Alarm volume setting
First, make sure that your alarm preferences are set up properly (PimlicalAlarmHandling should be set to Local or All). In particular, you may need to explicitly assign an alarm sound to the preference AlarmDefaultSound and AlarmFloatDefaultSound as some Android devices fail to provide any default sounds and also fail to notify an application that the normal Android default isn't even supported. Also, on some Android phones (such as some Samsung phones), the Alarm volume setting is not something displayed in System Settings, so there is no easy way to change it - however, there is a small applet, Volume Manager which you may want to install that does allow you full access to all the sound volume settings.
How can I change the number of days displayed in the Day+ view?
Go into Menu | Views and do a long press on the view button for either the Day+/week/Month+/list views and you can change the default number of days/weeks/months that are displayed. You can also set up a filter in Pimlical Desktop, export it and copy it to the Pimlical folder on your phone and then use the import feature to import it into Pimlical/Android. The format of filters in Pimlical/Desktop and Pimlical/Android is the same. There is also an option to allow the Day+ view to be anchored to the start of the week or not.
How can I change the color of items or set a default?
Normally calendar colors are set from whatever Google Calendar is using. You can override those colors by changing the color of a calendar, or by setting the preference UseGoogleCalendarColors to false. Go into Menu | Select calendars and briefly tap the calendar in the list. A dialog then appears where you can set the default foreground and background color for the calendar, as well as a default icon. Pure white (255,255,255) and pure black (0,0,0) are treated as default values and are the default settings. To set an explicit white, use (254,254,254) or for black (1,1,1) so Pimlical realizes it's not a default setting for the color.

To set the color of just a single item, go into the edit dialog and towards the bottom of that dialog (scrolling down if necessary), you will see a small F and B (for Foreground/Background) to the right of the Private checkbox - click on that area and you will get a color selection dialog where you can set the foreground and background color for the item. As noted in that dialog, you can preset any color you like into the selection palette through the [Colors] section in Preferences. A custom color set for an event will always override the default color setting for the calendar.

I set calendar/category colors but then a short time later they got lost. What is going on?
This is an issue in some Android devices that is fixed in the first official release after 1.21.32. In the interim, there is a simple workaround - after you change the calendar or category colors, just lock them in by using menu | exit Pimlical OR a long press on the back button.
The times of my events are shifting by one hour (or more than one hour)
Check the timezone settings carefully. In particular, there are two places in Google Calendar where timezone information is set - globally in the main Settings and in the setting for each individual calendar. Make sure this matches the timezone setting in Pimlical as well as the timezone setting for your phone itself. If your phone is resetting to the wrong timezone (some phones reset to Mountain time when in fact it should be Arizona Time), then change the preference AutoSetTimezoneFromPhone to false and manually set the timezones in the Date/Time Items sectdion of Preferences.
There's some funny text/characters at the start of the note field - why is it there?
Pimlical has many advanced features not present in any other calendar application. The only way in which these advanced features can be maintained is by putting tags (in square brackets) at the start of the note field as the note field is guaranteed to be updated properly by all conduit software. These tags are of course hidden in all versions of Pimlical. When Google fixes the bug in Android whereby the ExtendedProperties field is trashed by their Android sync software, it will then be possible to change the preference UseGoogleExtendedProperties to true at which point the tags will be hidden in Google Calendar at least as the tags can be put in that hidden field. There are no such options with Outlook or other calendar applications, so the tags do have to be there. If you just use Pimlical/Desktop and Google calendar, you can use the Extended properties field as Pimlical properly supports it (with the caveat that if that calendar syncs with any other application, that other application's sync software may destroy that field.
The scrolling thumb no longer appears when scrolling through the contacts list
This is a new bug in Android that first appeared in OS 4.0 and contrinues with 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4.2. Google declared that it was  fixed in Android OS version 4.4.3, but they were mistaken - it's definitely still broken. You can get the thumb to display by rotating the screen, but the problem resurfaces fairly quickly after that is done. If you are scrolling through a very long list frequently, be sure to read the documentation on using the GoTo and Filter functions as in most cases it is faster and more efficient to locate contacts that way anyway.

Google has apparently finally fixed this bug in Android 5.0 (5.0.2 does not exhibit this problem).

An event in Google that was changed from timed to untimed remains timed in Pimlical/Android (Only with Android 4.0)
This is a known bug in Google's Android calendar sync software for Android 4.0 - apparently Google's sync software fails to explicitly clear the AllDay flag when syncing a timed event (which might previously have been untimed) to the built-in Android calendar database that Pimlical/Android also reads. Only way to work around this bug is to duplicate the appointment, with the correct time and then delete the original appointment. There is a similar issue when changing an untimed (All Day) event to timed and then syncing that change to Google Calendar. Under some circumstances (esp. when the change is being made as an exception to a repeat series) that the change is not seen by Google's Android Sync software. Simplest workaround for this Google bug is to make some other change to the event and save it, then make the time change and restore whatever you changed the first time around.
Accented characters are not displaying properly after DirectSync to other platform
This will be an encoding issue. You need to set the preference: JavaDefaultEncoding to be matched on both platforms. If they are currently blank, try changing them to read UTF-8 as that will likely resolve this issue. If you are using a non-Roman language, note that any valid encoding that is permitted by Java can be used in Pimlical - just make sure both platforms are properly matched, and also always re-test with newly created memos and not old memos as changing this preference is not likely to retroactively correct any encoding issues.

Note: if your operating system does not support accented characters in filenames, then you should avoid their use for things like category names or titles of memos.
Pimlical is slowing down because of a large number of old appointments - how can I archive them?
Simplest way to handle setting up an archive for use in Pimlical/Android is to use Pimlical/Desktop and do this:

1. In Pimlical Desktop, go into advanced find, hit clear, then pick a start date of 1-jan-1900 and an end date of say 31-dec-2009 and hit ok
2. Click on CHANGE and specify a category of ARCHIVE (create that category if necessary) and click on OK
3. Set the preference ApptCategoriesToSync to only include the Archive category.
4. Create an archive calendar on the handheld called say PimlicalArchive.dat - you can easily create that by just duplicating PimlicalLocalCalendar.dat under that name so that both PimlicalLocalCalendar.dat and PimlicalArchive.dat are in the PimlicalCalendars folder.
5. Do a sync overwrite from desktop to PimlicalArchive.dat (ApptCategoriesToSync will only copy the Archive category).
6. Change ApptCategoriesToSync to include ALL categories, EXCEPT "Archive"
7. Sync normally now from desktop to PimlicalLocalCalendar.dat

On the desktop, you can see all your events by just displaying all categories. In Pimlical/Android, to view the archived items, you would go into menu | Select Local Calendar and select the Archive calendar to look at (and then do that again to return to viewing the regular calendar).

What is the difference between Floating Events and Tasks? They look very similar
They are very similar, and tasks exist largely for historical reasons rather than as a necessity to manage task-type functions. Most Pimlical users only use floating events, but users who were used to having a separate tasks app/database, or who are still syncing to or using third party apps that need the old Palm MDB databases find it essential to have this function maintained.

The most obvious difference is that every instance of a repeat floating event appears in the database, while only the next occurrence of a repeat task appears in the database.  There are significant differences in how repeat floats and repeat tasks are managed - the former automatically reschedules itself to the next occurrence and drops a non-repeat instance of the item as a reminder on that instance day. Also, repeat floating events support a reschedule from checkoff date, so if you set a repeat float with a 60 day repeat interval but check it off thirty days later, it will reschedule in another 60 days rather than just 30 days.

There are also separate tasks views in Pimlical/Desktop and Pimlical/Android, for users who just want to focus on those items.  Floating events share the same set of categories as regular events, while tasks have their own separate set of categories. The start/end dates of a task are tied closely to the due date, while the start/end dates of floating events are not. Users who regularly export their calendar in iCalendar format may want to keep their tasks as tasks rather than floats so they can be easily excluded from the output file.

Over the years, the attributes of floats and tasks have become closer and closer as users have asked for the same capabilities in both items, so if you are wondering whether you should use floats or tasks, or why both are present, chances are you can ignore tasks and just use floating events.
How do I link an appointment to a contact?
There are many commands available as a popup when the Event Selection List is displayed (this list pops up whenever a brief tap is made on a day in any view). The popup commands are accessed with a long press on the event. Scroll towards the end of the list to access the commands that allow you to add and view a linked contact (there is no limit on the number of contacts you can link). Note too that you can change the order of the popup commands and also choose which ones are displayed.
A brief message ("toast") appears stuck in the middle of the screen, even when I launch another application.
There is a known bug in Android that may have been fixed in later versions but definitely occurs in all 2.x releases. Just go into the Main screen, select Settings from the menu - Applications then Manage Applications and then select Force Stop to stop Pimlical/Android, and the messages will be removed.
How do I schedule an event that repeats on every other day of the second-to-last week of every month that has a new moon in the first two weeks of that month, (but not if there is a lunar eclipse in that month)?
In the Repeat dialog, tap the center of the screen 11 times in rapid succession and then stroke the Kanji character for the Moon at top left, then press the back button for exactly 273 seconds and a dialog will open allowing you to enter this event (Be sure to check the box saying 'skip event if new moon coincides with lunar eclipse'). And time it carefully as if you hold the back button down for more than 275 seconds it causes a hard reset and engages a normally unused stepup transformer that converts the 5v from the internal battery into 440V at 10 amps which can cause a bit of a surprise to the unsuspecting novice and likely result in dropping the phone). Glad to see you reading the FAQ's.

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