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Pimlical/Android Features
  • Screen displays are essentially identical to Windows Desktop Version including Day, Day+, Week, Week+, Month, Month+ and List Views
  • Set custom icons, fonts and colors on events
  • Handles Floating Events™ and floating reminders
  • Supports Timezones including separate Timezones for start/end of events
  • Uses the native calendar database for assured compatibility, or local database for security
  • Supports linking of events to contacts and memos with quick access
  • Supports creation of events from contacts using Call/Action Templates
  • Supports Voice Entry (Just speak "7pm next Monday, dinner with Harry" and the event "Dinner with Harry" will be scheduled at 7pm on the next Monday.
  • Day View automatically expands to accommodate events outside of normal hours
  • Extensive preferences to control what icons are displayed, what fonts are used.
  • Dynamic resizing of font display with up/down strokes
    left/right strokes switch between views or move to previous/next periods
  • Find function finds all events that match on text string, status, icon, date range etc.

  • Select which calendars are to be included in the display
  • List of upcoming alarms shows all future alarms that are schedule
  • Configurable command bar to navigate, insert commands, templates, etc.
  • Visit GooglePlay or Amazon Market to purchase Pimlical/Android:

    Search for 'Pimlical'

    or Purchase Directly from Pimlico Software (manual download & Install)

    Want to see more of Pimlical/Android?

    You can Watch this Online Video Tutorial  

  • Supports grouping of items
  • Supports selection of multiple items and then functions such as delete, advance, etc.
  • Supports both pre-event time and post-event time alarms
  • Supports Undelete to recover recently deleted items
  • Displays meeting information with add/emailing from contacts list
  • Can share icons, filters and preference files with desktop version
  • Displays sorted list of all currently used locations for quicker selection of a location
  • Allows full modification of repeat specification (frequency, end date etc.), including ability to handle irregular repeat specifications
  • Displays list of all separate instances of a repeat, including irregular repeats
  • Alarm/Snooze dialog with custom times and snooze from start/end of event as well as now
  • Quick entry templates facilitate insertion of frequently used events
  • Popup commands to handle common tasks such as Advance 1 Day, Find all items in same group, save as Template, Go To Display/Due Date, toggle completion/cancellation
  • Displays tasks integrated in with calendar events (so tasks can have alarms and all the attributes a calendar entry has (a separate tasks view for non-chronological ordering is planned shortly, but a filter is now provided to only display tasks and not appointments)
  • Display Details screen is driven by screen template using same command set as Desktop version (power users can pick precisely which fonts/sizes and which fields to display in that view).
  • Full Support for memos including sorting, filtering, searching, and convenient import/export to other applications.

    Note: Pimlical/Android requires Android OS 2.3.3 or later to be installed.

  • User Comments

    Along with a gazillion other Palm users, I relied on this calendar for years as the best one available for Palms. I am ecstatic that it is finally available on the Android platform. It has many features, but my FAVORITE is the appt option for a Floating Event™ on your calendar, so if you don't specifically check it off, it automatically advances to the next day appts.
    This is finest calendar program available for any operating system. (I-phone users eat you heart out). More than just a place to jot appts., PimlicalA organizes, reminds, stores, classifies, provides structure for time or date-related events. Its predecessors for more than a decade have synchronized my mobile calendar with my office calendar (Pimlical desktop), my partner's (Google) calendar & my wife's (Outlook) calendar....even across time zones. It pays for itself very quickly!
    Finally, Pimlical for Android rocks. None of the other calendar apps on Google Play even come close for power users. I should know. I have been using a version of this app since DateBk 3 or 4 on Palm.
    The availability of Pimlical for Android is the primary reason I prefer Android OS devices to iPhone. It is by far the best and most flexible and configurable calendar app available for Android, and I've tested them all. I used its Palm OS predecessor, Datebk, in versions 2-6, and Pimlical Android is the only Android app that even comes close to Datebk6 functionality, plus it can be used stand-alone or sync either to Google Calendar or by direct, non-cloud usb or wireless sync to its companion desktop Pimlical, or both.
    Just a quick line of thanks for turning my HTC Desire from a nice toy to a useful tool. The calendar apps for android were unbelievably poor until Pimlical was issued. I have just downloaded it and have been trying it out and it's wonderful. I can stop mourning for my Palm Centro with DateBook6 now.

    Your software is so much better than all the rest. I used to use Datebk6 on my Palm and am so much happier now!

    I was so very excited this morning when I saw that Pimlical for Android was released. Last week I downloaded [Other Calendar Program] was less than impressed and promptly deleted it prior to the exciting discovery. Thank YOU CESD

    This has been mentioned in a couple of threads, but definitely deserves a thread of its own. Good news for anyone looking for a serious diary app.

    This calendar program is already a big improvement over all of the other Android calendar programs I've tried  

    CESD beautiful job... at last I can leave the trusty treo.  

    The resulting Android Pimlical is running beautifully and is already vastly superior to the [Other Calendar] beta that I've been using as a stopgap.

    See more  reviews on GooglePlay of Pimlical/Android.

    The following screenshots may help give you some idea of what the screens look like. The main views use the identical code that the desktop uses, so the display is virtually identical. Remember too that the font sizes are completely configurable via preferences, and you can dynamically adjust the font size up and down by just stroking the screen up and down on the right-hand side.

    All commands work identically in all views with the exception of the Day and Day+ views where a long tap directly on an event will bring up the Event Details screen with that item displaying. In the Day/Day+ views, a tap on a blank part of the screen, or a long tap in any other view will bring up a quick entry dialog that supports the keyboarding of events like: "7pm this Tuesday, dinner with John" which would slot the event "Dinner with John" at 7pm on the Tuesday that first occurs after today.

    Day View - all views redraw automatically when screen is rotated. Note red arrow pointing to current time of day. A long press on the time field toggles between displaying all hours or just the start/end times as set in preferences (automatically extended if events occur outside that range on the day). The slot interval is 60 minutes here, but can be set to any reasonable value (say 45 minutes or 2 hours, etc.). Also shows optional command bar for navigating the screen (you can also use swipe gestures and four of them are programmable via preferences).


    Day+ View. The number of days is defaulted to 4, but actually configurable from 2-14 days. The times displayed in the other columns can be hidden, or can be preset to some other timezone other than the current timezone (useful when frequently operating in more than one timezone). The current day is displayed in yellow (all colors are of course configurable), and there is an option to shade any other days on any repeat scheduled - the default is to shade Saturday and Sunday for example.


    Weekly View. The number of weeks is defaulted to 1, but actually configurable from 1-4 weeks. Week numbers can be optionally displayed (as they are here) after the dates. There are TWO other layouts for the weekly view, one which has the days going across rather than down, and another one where all seven days are organized vertically in a single column.


    Month View. There are several preference options that control whether or not times are displayed in this view (which can be in normal, or short format), and the events can be restricted to just the month itself (normally events outside of the current month are displayed.


    Month+ view. The number of months is defaulted to four, but actually configurable from 2-12 months.  In this view, it usually only makes sense to display icons, so at least you can see what events are occurring. In this case, it's easy to see that there is a cruise at the beginning of January, and a haircut appointment on December 20th.


    List View. There are preference settings in this view that control whether or not blank headers are displayed (i.e. days on which no events are scheduled.


    Left screen shows the event selection dialog. This dialog appears on any tap in any view and shows all the events scheduled for that day. A long press on an item in this dialog brings up a popup command selection menu to perform common operations.  The Template button allows quick insertion of templated events. When inserting repeat events via template, the repeat schedule is automatically fixed up to match the day on which the item was inserted.

    The right screen shows the top half of the Edit dialog (the dialog scrolls due to the large number of fields to display). Pimlical supports completion and cancellation of events, as well as advance reminders (Floating Events™) that are created automatically by Pimlical. Floating Events™ (and appointments too if desired) can be assigned both a priority and an urgency value (suitable for implementing a Franklin Covey style approach to task management).


    Left screen shows the bottom half of the edit dialog with less-frequently used options. Note ability to mark an item as a Floating Event™ (so it floats automatically from day to day), or to set an advance on an important event (which creates a Floating Event™ as a down-counting reminder). Also ability to set a custom foreground and/or background color for the item as well as a custom font. Appointments can be linked to contacts for quick access to contact information. The right screen shows the timezone selection dialog which appears when the timezone button is pressed in the Time Picker (see below). Note the ability to designate an item as being in the Home Time Zone which is then configurable through a preference setting (so that if you permanently move to a new timezone, all those events appear at the SAME time of day in the new timezone). Also the setting All Timezones indicating an item that is always at the specified time irregardless of what timezone you are in (for example, you may always do your morning exercises at 9am no matter where you are in the world).


    Pimlical includes a collection of both high-resolution and low-resolution icons suitable for all sizes of display (the screen above shows the high-resolution icons).

    Left screen shows the Time Picker dialog, while right screen shows the Date Picker dialog. If you choose, you can use the much less efficient, but standard Android time and date pickers - Pimlical's date/time pickers are designed to set the time or date with the least number of presses.


    The left screen shows the Filter Selection Menu. Filters can be created and edited in the Desktop version of Windows and then copied to the handheld (in future, certain desktop functionality like this is also expected to appear on the handheld). The right screen shows the Find dialog which searches the entire database and then presents an event selection list of all matching items.


    A long press on the Find button brings up the Voice Entry dialog (left screen), where you can speak the appointment time and text. The transcribed text is then inserted into the Quick Entry Dialog where it can be edited if necessary (right screen). The Quick entry dialog also supports things like "tomorrow", "this Friday", "next Wednesday", etc. - See third screen below for result when OK is pressed. Note that use of "Tomorrow" overrode the default insertion on the displayed date of March 8.


    Pimlical also features a Quick Entry Template feature. Any event can be saved as a template. The Event Selection List displays a Template button, which then displays all available templates. When templates are inserted, the date/time are automatically updated (time can be fixed if desired) as is the repeat specification to match where the template was inserted:


    Pimlical has its own alarm and snooze handling which can either just manage alarms in the local database or also manage alarms in the native Android calendar database (in which case you would shut off the alarms in the native Android calendar so you don't get duplicate alarms). When multiple alarms display, you can select which one's to dismiss and which to snooze, and you can set the snooze time to any value you like (preferences even allow you to establish the default snooze times for the four buttons and the dropdown list. There's also an option to snooze from before the start time of the appointment or before the end time of the appointment (so you can snooze an alarm to say 5 minutes before the end of a meeting).


    Pimlical also manages contacts as well as memos. You can import the native Android contacts database into a secure, local database that is off the cloud. Memos are also handled locally and sync to the desktop via DirectSync. Pimlical Contacts has several neat features, such as a Recent Items list, the ability to mark contacts as inactive, as well as handle import/export in vCard format and multiple sort criteria.



    On-line Manual - Documentation
  • Click here for the on-line manual for Pimlical/Android (same as in Menu | help in Pimlical/Android)
  • Click here for the Revision History showing all changes by version for Pimlical/Android
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