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DateBk3 for the Palm OS Platform - Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Issues

Compatibility Issues

Upgrades, Other Versions, Future Releases

Problems, Bugs, "How do I..." and Odd things

Installation Issues

Why am I having trouble loading Datebk3 - HotSync often fails and hangs...?

If you have a Pilot or PalmPilot, most likely you have a problem with memory fragmentation. Remember that even though you may appear to have enough total memory, it may still be too fragmented to load a large application like Datebk3. Try running a defragger (such as Deskfree's Recycle - see documentation). Memory fragmentation is no longer a problem with the Palm III and subsequent models, but with earlier models, a defragger may be necessary. The manual has extensive advice on how to address this problem. 

If you are experiencing this problem, make sure that you have no other programs actively running on your desktop as it is possible that the hotsync process can timeout if other applicaitons are stealing too much time.

I just installed Datebk3 but it says the 45-day trial period has already run out - what gives?

The only way this can happen is if one of the three situations below has arisen:

  • You previously loaded Datebk3 more than 45 days ago (or someone else did) - the 45-day trial period is a one-time deal.

  • You set the system date forward or backwards, installed Datebk3 and then reset the system date to today.

  • You have a corrupt version of datebk3 (download a fresh copy from: http://www.palmgear.com/applications/datebk3.zip)  

The program only complains on the last half of each month, so if you encounter this problem you would be best off waiting to the first of the month at which point you will get a full two weeks to do the evaluation.

How do I get Datebk3 to run instead of Datebook when I press the Datebook button?

The easiest way to do this on all models of the Palm Organizer except the original Pilot is to go to the Prefs application by tapping on the Prefs icon in the main system screen. Tap on the popup list at the top right of the screen and select Buttons. Tap on the popup list next to the Datebook icon and select Datebk3. On the original Pilot, you may want to look at AppHack which will allow you to do the same thing.

Now that I've loaded Datebk3, can I get rid of the regular Datebook application?

No. The built-in datebook application is stored in ROM (Read Only Memory) and cannot therefore be removed. The only downside is that when you do a Find, the built-in datebook application will also insist on searching the same database, but no harm is done by that. Note that if you start the search while Datebk3 is running, Datebk3 will ALWAYS search the Datebook database before the built-in datebook application. Warning: If you have a flash ROM, you might think that you can remove the Datebook application, but if you do that, the Datebook database will NOT be HotSync'd, so we suggest you do not do this. It would also crash your system if you unchecked the option to have Datebk3 handle alarms (since the Rom code would try and launch the Datebook application that no longer exists). We actually do have a small "stub" application with the datebook's creator code which will "fool" the HotSync program into sync'ing the datebook database, but until it can be determined that there is a way of actually freeing up memory (FlashBuilder merely masks the built-in application - it does not remove it), there is little advantage in doing this.

Can Datebk3 run in flash ROM?

Yes - many people run Datekb3 out of Flash Rom. If you have FlashBuilder or FlashPro, you can load Datebk3 into part of the 750k or so that is unused in the Palm's Flash Rom. But do NOT put the Datebk3DB preference database into ROM - it is frequently update and must therefore remain in RAM.

I have a Handspring Visor and loaded dtbkplusstub.prc but my Visor instantly crashed, why?

You inadvertently corrupted the dtbkplusstub.prc program itself. Most likely you are a NetScape user as it appears that only NetScape users have this problem. I suspect that Netscape is defaulting unknown file types to text and as a result ends up wordwrapping the file which of course instantly corrupts a binary file. Make SURE that this file is treated as a binary file type. Only use this stub on Handspring Visors running Palm OS 3.1H - it is not helpful on any later OS releases.

Is there a program to edit the icons displayed in the monthly view - are there icon collections?

There are now over a dozen icon editors available for DateBk4. You can always search the software archives at Palm Gear (www.palmgear.com) or you can try these:

Joby Icons by Andres Platonoff C, available from www.jobyland.com
ICON Editor by Shuji Fukumoto, available from www.wakuwaku.ne.jp/shuji/soft/IconEditor
IcoEdit available from: http://www.kagi.com/maple/
DBICED by Intertron software available from: http://www.inertron.com/palm/index.html
Icon Editor for DateBk4 by Toshiaki Yamazaki available from http://www.mapletop.com/  
Excel Macro Icon Editor by Leo Steindl available from: http://www.pimlicosoftware/iconedit.xls

There are also several websites which have icon collections. We ran across these sites recently which had icon collections:


Also check software archives at PalmGear as there are often other icon collections listed there.

How do I get the icons and/or Timezones installed?

There is now a simple utility that installs both the icons and the timezones for Datebk3. It is called dbSetup and can be downloaded by clicking here.

Save this program in the C:\PALM\ADD-ON directory. Then go to: START | PROGRAMS | PALM DESKTOP | PALM INSTALL TOOL and run the installation program. Click on the ADD button. Select dbSetup.prc from the directory, then click on DONE and click on OK. Then hotsync to transfer the program to your Palm Organizer. Tap on dbSetup in the main application screen and tap on the INSTALL NOW button to install the icons and timezones (if you don't want one of them, just uncheck the checkbox). After you do this, you can then remove the dbSetup program from your organizer as it is no longer needed. You have a choice of two different sets of icons - the standard set that has always been provided with DateBk3 and an alternate set provided by TwoKidsInAGarage.

Make sure that you do NOT delete the two memo pad records that dbsetup creates: DATEBK3 and WORLD TIMEZONES as these two memos ARE used by Datebk3 for its data file to implement these two functions.

I'm using a UNIX desktop to sync my PalmPilot, using pilot-link (or do not hotsync). But I don't seem to have a HotSyncName - how can I get one so I can register your software?

Follow these steps:

  1. Set PalmPilot in HotSync cradle
  2. invoke install-user program, specifying serial port and HotSyncUser name as argument, like:
    % install-user /dev/pilot HotSyncName
  3. Tap HotSync button
  4. Remove PalmPilot from the cradle and check registered HotSyncName, with menu: Options|Register Software in Datebk3.

Alternatively, you can download the freeware application: Palmname.prc (available at most Palm Software archives) and install it on your Palm and that will allow you to set a UserName. 

I registered Datebk3 but now for some reason it says it's unregistered and telling me the 45-day trial is over

This will only happen if the Datebk3DB preference database (which is where your registration code is stored) is deleted. The most common cause of this problem is people leaving WeekView on their Palm and then running WeekView. If you do that, it will overwrite the Datebk3db preference database. To fix this problem, just re-enter your registration code from your original registration. If you no longer have a copy of that, send a request to software-orders@palmgear.com and ask them to send it to you again.

Datebk3 runs great on my Palm Organizer, but I don't see the icons and combined ToDo views on the desktop

Datebk3 is a program for the Palm Organizer, not your desktop. Datebk3 is 100% compatible with any desktop program that synchronizes with the built-in  Datebook application so you will see all your data normally on the desktop, but you won't see some of Datebk3 special features, such as icons, time-zones and categories (although categories are now supported by PocketMirror and DesktopToGo with MS Outlook). 

Where can I get the manual/documentation on Datebk3?

There is a 40-60 page manual on Datebk3 in the file Datebk3doc.htm that is included in ALL zip archives that contain Datebk3 and that you would have downloaded from the Datebk3 web page (unless the application was beamed to you). If you do not have a copy, you can download/print/read it from the Datebk3 web page: http://www.pimlicosoftware/datebk3.htm. Just locate the link under documentation.

This file is in HTML format and can be read with any web browser (for the URL, you can usually enter a local address on your disk where you put the HTML file and it can then be read and printed in the browser).

Compatibility Issues

Will Datebk3 work with the PalmPilot Desktop and other Desktop Software?

Yes. Datebk3 uses the IDENTICAL Databases to the built-in Todo and Datebook applications, so BY DEFINITION it is 100% compatible with any desktop or server application that properly synch's with the standard Datebook and Todo Databases in the PalmPilot. The only known incompatibilities involve the optional use of categories in the datebook database in conjunction with the application JetPilot or the desktop app DayTimer2000. Categories are a STANDARD feature of ALL Palm OS database, irregardless of whether the associated application chooses to make use of them or not. JetPilot does not use the Palm OS API to read the datebook database, but instead reads it in binary mode and then gets confused by the presence of categories which it is not expecting. If the program is revised to use the Palm OS API that problem will be eliminated. Some users of DayTimer2000 have reported a problem where it gets confused and ends up duplicating events. This may just be a common bug as is often seen with early versions of conduits (early versions of PocketMirror had the same problem), but appears to be specific to using categories.

There are no other known issues. Note that in the case above, the ONLY issue involves the use of categories, so in this case, if you do not use categories, you will not notice this issue.

There are advanced features in Datebk3, such as categories, timezones and appointments spanning midnight which are typically NOT supported on the desktop either because the desktop lacks that functionality, or because the conduit does not know how to map the functionality. We were pleased to see that both Chapura and DataViz have released versions of their conduits (Chapura: PocketMirror <V-2.0.2>, Desktop To Go V-2.501 <build 120>) which support Datebk3 categories with MS Outlook and hope to encourage other conduit writers to provide similar functionality.

Is Datebk3 compatible with the new V-3.3 or V-3.5 OS from Palm/the new color Palm?

Yes. Datebk3 will run on all versions of the Palm OS from 1.0 to 4.0 and beyond.

NOTE: it appears that a significant number of people are experiencing corruption of the Datebk3 program image after doing the OS 3.3 update. Either those people are not following the instructions, or, and I think this is now appearing more likely, there is some flaw/bug in the update procedure that can cause corruption of the Datebk3 program image. So if you experience ANY kinds of problems, before emailing Pimlico Software, please delete Datebk3 and the Datebk3DB preference database, download a fresh copy of V-3.1 from the Datebk3 web page: http://www.pimlicosoftware.com/datebk3.htm and re-install.

Are Datebk3 and WeekView compatible with language hacks for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew.... etc.?

Yes, but you will need to check the option Display uses non-Roman Chars in the Preferences item of the Options menu in the second weekly view in Datebk3 (or main preferences in WeekView) to ensure that character strings are output as a single unit as there are optimizations for Roman characters that interfere with the special hacks that display non-Roman characters. The hacks for displaying Kanji and Hebrew characters both work nicely with this option checked. For the Handspring Visor, you will need a small application to set the non-Roman language preference

Datebook+ does not have Datebk3's feature of disabling the Roman language optimizations in the second weekly and list views. As a result, some localizers may not display text properly in those views. To solve this problem, download DbPrefsFixup.prc which re-enables this feature for Datebook+. Run it once to disable the Roman language optimizations which will then allow the language hacks to display text properly. Run it again to disable it. It is not necessary to have this program loaded although you may wish to keep it available in case the preference database is deleted and re-built.

Upgrades, Other Versions, Future Releases

What is Datebk4?

DateBk4 is the successor to DateBk3. It has even more new features over DateBk3 than DateBK3 had over the original DateBook application.  Main features include:

  • Split-screen display of all four databases

  • Linking of appts and Todo's to Todo's, addressbook and memo records

  • Saved Views (save a view with all preferences/categories with user-defined name)

  • Beaming of events and categories with filtering so multiple calendars can be shared and beamed.

  • New 3-day and 4-month views

  • Full color support in all views (color individual events & ToDo's and provide color defaults for categories in all 4 databases)

  • Individual fonts, colors, advances, alarms (custom by item) and repeats on both events and Todo's

  • Advanced category management (synchronized categories, auto hide/show on days of week, suppressed/silenced alarms, default attributes, etc.).

  • History database to contain archived calendar entries.

  • 30-40 other distinct minor improvements such as quick entry of irregular schedules, flag for hidden events, warnings on setting alarms in the past, anniversary display, NOW button to set current time, etc. etc.

Can I be a beta tester for future releases?

Yes. Go to the Pimlico Home Page: http://www.PimlicoSoftware.com and tap on JOIN MAILING LIST in the left sidebar to join the various mailing lists for these products. This mailing list will ONLY ever be used to notify you of new releases of these programs.

How can I tell what features have been added to a new release?

Go to the Datebk3 web page, http://www.pimlicosoftware.com/datebk3.htm and look for the line starting: Documentation, then click on the What's New link. 

Are there versions of Datebk3 in languages other than English?

Yes, Although not all versions are available in all languages. Only V-3.1 is available in English at this time. V-3.0u, however, is available in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. Only the English and French versions have full documentation - the other languages have FAQ's in the language. However, since the operation of Datebk3 is so similar to the built-in application, and since all dialogs have help tips (the 'i' at the top right of the dialog window), this should not be a problem for most people.

Datebk3 has suddenly become unregistered and says the trial period is over, why?

There are two possibilities here:

  1. Your registration code is no longer in your Datebk3db preference database - most likely because this database was deleted or not restored after a backup. If Datebk3 finds this database missing, it automatically regenerates it, but without your registration. If this is the case, just re-enter your registration code into the REGISTER SOFTWARE dialog of the OPTIONS menu in any view.

  2. You have changed your HotSyncUser name. Your registration code is specifically tied to your HotSyncUser name, so if you change it, you will need to get a new registration code.  You can request a new code from PalmGear (www.PalmGear.com) but this will take a few days. The quickest solution is to just reset your HotSyncName back to its original value:

The following procedure will allow you to change your HotSync Name without affecting anything you have installed on your Palm Organizer:

1. Run the Palm Desktop application
2. Select USERS from the TOOLS menu
3. Tap on your HotSyncID in the list to select it
4. Tap the RENAME button.
5. Type in your new/correct HotSyncID now very carefully
6. Tap OK to return to the USERS Dialog
7. Tap OK to exit out of the USERS Dialog
8. Exit out of the Palm Desktop Application
9. Do a regular HotSync - this will copy your corrected name down to your Palm Organizer.

You will now be able to insert your original registration code.

Note:: on a MAC, you will need to make this name change in the HotSync application itself rather than the Palm Desktop Application, but the steps will be similar to the one's above!

Note: Changing the user name does have some consequences if you're a user of Pocket Mirror though - nothing syncs afterwards. As it turns out, there's a Note folder added to Outlook called Pocket Mirror. The note contains the user name as it was originally set up in the Pilot. Deleting the note and then having Outlook overwrite the Pilot fixes things. There's a note about it at the Chapura web site. 

Will future versions of Datebk3 and WeekView support color?

Datebk4 has extensive support for color including the ability to color individual events and ToDo's, shade weekend days and color-code categories in the split-screen view of the Addressbook and MemoPad databases. It is not likely that color will be supported in datebk3, but quite possible  that some minimal color support will be added to a future release of WeekView.

What do upgrades cost and will the upgrade to Datebk4 be free?

With Datebk4 even though it is priced higher than Datebk3 ($24.95), I offer an automated upgrade system. Provided that you can use the automated upgrade procedure and can be identified as a registered user without requiring any manual intervention, you will be able to upgrade at no charge. But this will only be true if you can use the automated upgrade system. Otherwise, you would need to subscribe to the upgrade fee. The criteria for using this system is *NOT* whether you are a currently registered user, but rather whether you can provide the information in my registration database as no assistance is provided in the use of this system.

My primary goal is not to make money off upgrades, but rather to avoid losing money on them. In many cases, trying to establish that a user has been previously registered is more effort than handling their original registration.

Also, you should be aware that all the revenues from the sale of Datebk3/4 are donated to wildlife conservation and so I do intend to encourage people to subscribe to the upgrade fee to further that cause...

How do I get on the notification list - I haven't been notified of some releases?

If you are a registered user of datebk3 or WeekView, you can get notified of new releases by joining the mailing list. GO to the Pimlico Home Page: http://www.PimlicoSoftware.com and tap on JOIN MAILING LIST in the left sidebar.

Problems, Bugs, Odd things

Why does the system date sometimes fails to advance on my Palm Organizer?

This is a known flaw in the Version 3.1 Palm OS that runs on Palm IIIx, IIIe and V organizers. This problem has now been acknowledged by Palm Computing and has NOTHING to do with any third party software. 

There are conflicting reports from Palm Computing about this problem. Sometimes, Palm claims that the date slipping problem has now been fixed in an OS V-3.11 update - You can download the update from Palm Computing's web page on this: www.palm.com/custsupp/downloads/upd311.html
You will need to install this upgrade and also do a hard reset. 

A new problem has appeared -- the alarm does not sound unless my unit is powered on. Why is this?

This is a known flaw in the Version 3.1 Palm OS that runs on Palm IIIx, IIIe and V organizers. This problem has now been acknowledged by Palm Computing and have NOTHING to do with any third party software.

THis problem has NOT been fixed. Palm Computing does know about this issue. A discussion with some OS programmers at Palm indicates that the problem is caused by the Palm OS thinking that the battery level is much lower than it really is. As a result, the Palm OS thinks there is insufficient power to turn the machine on or ring the alarm and intentionally avoids doing that as a power-conservation measure.

It appears that this is less likely to happen if you keep the batteries charged up (which is probably why Palm V users see this less often as they tend to top up their Lithium Ion battery all the time). A soft reset will temporarily "fix" the problem, but it will come back. OS 3.3 definitely has the same bug. Hopefully, Palm Computing will release an OS update fix for it at some point in the future. If you do a soft reset, make sure the batteries are FULLY CHARGED first.

My alarms are erratic - sometimes they go off, sometimes they don't or Datebk3 crashes shortly after displaying an alarm, why?

Most likely this is a problem with a hack. The problem can be due to a bug in a hack, a hack that consumes too much stack space, or some other unspecified interaction problem which may not necessarily be a flaw in the hack itself, but rather just an irresolvable, incompatibility problem. To see if this is the problem, do a FIRM RESET (hold the up button while poking Reset). This prevents the Reset message from going out to all loaded applications (in particular, Hackmaster will not see the reset and will therefore not reload all the hacks). Run for a while to see if the alarms are now running reliably - they probably will be. Add your hacks back in one by one until you find the culprit. Any alarm that plays around with the timer or the clock is a likely candidate for causing the problem.

There is also a serious bug in all versions of the Palm OS relating to alarms: under low memory conditions, the application underneath the alarm dialog may be told to redraw its screen but without access to all that application's memory and that can easily crash the application below. There is no workaround for this problem and no available solutions at this time. There is also a further problem with alarms in OS 3.5 that has not been resolved - but neither of these problems are likely to be seen during normal usage.

I'm getting duplicated Alarms, why?

After a hotsync or reset, the built-in datebook application is run by the palm OS to reset its alarms. Normally this is not a problem as Datebk3 will override the Datebook alarms. However, if the next alarm was entered on the desktop, the datebook application will sound its alarm and Datebk3 will not be aware that this has happened. To avoid duplicate alarms, just make sure that you run Datebk3 immediately after you do a hotsync.

Why does the monthly view not show untimed events?

It does - but you have to set the preference item in the monthly view to display them - just like the regular datebook application. Datebk3 now defaults all these settings to on.

Why does the monthly view not show icons associated with categories or timezones?

It does - but you have to set the preference item in the monthly view to display them. Go to PREFERENCES and check the box: Show category/timezone icons

I just tapped on the Note Icon for a Todo or (repeat event) and when I tap DONE it changes to the date of that Todo (or 1st occurrence of the repeat event), why?

You are running an old version of Datebk3. Download V-3.0s of Datebk3. If you do not wish to do that, then uncheck the option: always show: new day/category in the PREFERENCES dialog of the options menu of the day view.

Why are time bars being displayed in the day view even though the option to display them is unchecked?

That is intentional. Time bars are ALWAYS shown if there is an overlap of events on that day, even though the preference option is unchecked.

Why does the week number always display as 0 or display the wrong number?

Either you picked a custom week number and failed to update it for the year 2000, or you inadvertently switched from Pilot week# to the custom week number by mistake. Go to 2nd weekly view, Options menu, Preferences, Select Pilot Week# or toggle custom week # and specify the starting week for the year 2000.

Aaargh!! - ALL my appointments have DISAPPEARED!! What's happened?!?

This crops up quite frequently. Chances are that you have selected a single category for display and forgotten about it, so all the "hidden" appointments are just in a category that is not currently set for display. Pick Select Category from the CAT. menu and the tap on ALL in the popuplist. All your appointments will now "magically" re-appear! Also, if a new year has just started, remember to look in the correct year (!)

Aaargh!! - ALL my ToDo's have DISAPPEARED!! What's happened?!?

This also crops up quite frequently. If the ToDo's are visible in the regular ToDO application, then the only issue here is that you have overlooked a preference option for displaying them.

Go into TODO PREFERENCES in the OPTIONS menu of the DAY VIEW and make sure that the three checkboxes on the line that starts out Hide: are UNCHECKED. Then make sure that every ToDo category has the number '5' next to it - indicating that ALL priorities in the range 1-5 are to be displayed. You should now see all your ToDo's.

I can't sync the Datebook database - the desktop crashes on the Datebook conduit

There is a known bug in the Palm Desktop for Windows that can cause corruption in the end date of repeat appointments. Such corrupted dates instantly crash the HotSync conduit (usually with a fault in the DATSCN.DLL module). If this happens and you have not yet overwritten the good version of your database on your Palm Organizer, you can trivially solve this problem by just setting the datebook conduit to overwrite the desktop and hotsync. If you have inadvertently destroyed the only good copy on your organizer, your best bet may be to try the Datebook Repair Tool offered by another party: http://oetiker.ch/dtbrc.cgi 

If  you are using some other desktop PIM and conduit software, download dbScan, install and run this application and let it remove any errors that you may have in your organizer database (you will probably have to disable the datebook conduit temporarily to get dbScan installed). After dbScan indicates the datebook database is clean, try having your Palm Organizer overwrite the desktop. If that does not correct the problem, you should contact the vendor of your conduit software and/or desktop PIM for further assistance.

I'm getting duplicated events on my Palm, why?

Duplication of events is always a conduit issue, as it is your conduit software that duplicating events, not Datebk3. Duplication of events is most common with third party conduits and desktop Software - there are virtually no reports of this ever happening with the standard Palm Windows software. First, contact the vendor of your conduit software and make sure you are using the very latest version as this problem is a common bug in early versions of conduit software. Second, you should be aware that if you set an alarm on an event in MS Outlook and acknowledge it, that will mark the event as having been modified. If that event is then touched in any way on your Palm organizer, it will then duplicate as the conduit will think it has been modified on both platforms since the last hotsync. Remember too that floating events get modified every day on your organizer as Datebk3 changes the start date of the event, so any modification to a floating event on the desktop is guaranteed to cause the conduit to duplicate the event. It is possible that more intelligent conduits in the future will address these particular type of problems. If you have a massive number of duplicated events, look for the program UnDupe, available on most shareware archives, which is designed to remove duplicate records.

Why is there funny stuff (like: ##@@@@@@@) in the Note Field:

This is normal if you look at an event on the desktop or in some other application. Information is encoded in the note field to track information for each event (Category, Icon, timezone, float/done, appt spanning midnight, etc.). It is hidden of course in Datebk3. See  Format of the tagged note field for further information.This is the ONLY way that Datebk3 can add functionality beyond that provided for in the Datebook database while still maintaining 100% compatibility with the Datebook database and all third party applications that use it.

How can I speed up the start of Datebk3?

On startup, Datebk3 has to scan the entire Todo database. Some people never clean up their todo database and may have hundreds of completed todo's that have never been archived. We suggest that you archive off the older todo's to keep your todo database smaller. If the Todo database has only 50 or todo's, for example, Datebk3 only takes about an extra 1/4er of a second to start up. Note that V-3.0 of Datebk3 allows you to delete Todo's that are older than a specified date. Second, run Datebk3 immediately after you do a hotsync, to get the SORTING message out of the way. Third, use the Floating Advance Time feature in OPTIONS | MORE PREFERENCES to trigger the scan during the early morning hours when you are asleep - that way you will NOT see it when you power on your PP first thing in the day. 

Why is the Datebook database searched twice and is there anything you can do about it?

When you do a global find, the Palm OS runs every loaded application (including the built-in applications) to search their database. Since Datebk3 and Datebook point at the same database, the database is searched twice. You can prevent this behavior with the useful program FindIgnoreHack available at PalmGear (www.palmgear.com)

I ran dbSetup to load the icons, but I don't see any, why?

The display of icons in Datebk3 views is typically a preference option. So tap on the menu button, tap on OPTIONS and then tap on Preferences (More Preferences in the Day View) and check the box for the display of icons.

I can't run Datebk3 because I get: Bad Icon String.  DATEBK3 memo record has syntax error in icon strings at #a

This just means that you inadvertently or intentionally modified the DATEBK3 record in your MemoPad database and have now corrupted the precise syntax required in that file. If you cannot quickly see what is wrong on the specified line, press the MEMO button and just DELETE that memo and you can then at least run Datebk3 (if you have difficulty doing that, just poke the reset button with a pin and then delete it). Then use the dbSetup.prc application that is in the ZIP archive (or download another copy from the Datebk3 web page and run it to re-create the icon (and timezone if desired) memopad records.

What is this dbScan error message: "Non-repeat record has Exceptions List ?! 

This issue was caused by an obscure bug in early versions of Datebk3. It is completely benign on all platforms and all software with one exception: the Palm Conduit software for the Macintosh, V-2.0 later can crash when it encounters this condition. To eliminate this, download the latest version of Datebk3, and either delete the events in dbScan, OR just make a copy of them and delete the original. 

I get: "An unexpected system problem has appeared" when running Datebk3

This indicates that the Datebk3Db preference database has been corrupted somehow (failed hotsync, partial deletion, accidental overwrite, etc.). To recover, just delete the Datebk3DB database from the main app screen with the icons and run datebk3 to create a new default database. After doing that, you will need to re-enter your preferences into Datebk3 and also your registration (if you are registered user). 

How can I get a special event to show up first in the monthly icon view ahead of others?

Well in theory there is no way to do this, but in practice there is a clever trick: repeat events always appear BEFORE non-repeat events, so if you mark it as a repeat event, it will appear before untimed non-repeat events and floating events. How do you do this? By making it a daily repeat event that ends on the same day it starts. You can save this as a template to make it easier to insert in the future!

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