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DateBk4, Version 4.0f - Replaces the built-in Datebook, Todo and Memopad applications on all models of the Palm Organizer with a considerably more powerful, integrated program that maintains the general look and feel of the original applications.

DateBk4 has now been superseded by the even more powerful DateBk5. However, past versions are always supported, and since some users may find that DateBk4 more than meets their needs and save 100k of memory, this is still a viable choice for many users. DateBk4 and DateBk5 share the same registration system, so your registration code is good for either version. If you have a Tungsten T3/E or Zire-73/31, Treo-600, Ux-50/Th-55 or recent Clie, Zodiac Tapwave or Garmin iQue-3600, DateBk5 is strongly recommended as it has specific support for these device's features..

Have DateBk4 but want to upgrade to the latest release?  If you are a user who is currently registered for Datebk4, you can upgrade at no cost to the latest version of DateBk4. Just download the latest version and install on top of your existing version. See also DateBk5 which is a free upgrade for all DateBk4 users and offers substantially more functionality while improving ease of use.

Upgrading from DateBk3 or WeekView?:  If you are a user who has previously paid the $20 to register Datebk3, you can upgrade to DateBk4 for $10. If you had registered WeekView, you can upgrade for $15. Note that Handspring's Datebook+ application does not qualify for this upgrade- only users who had purchased DateBk3 or WeekView (or upgraded to DateBk3 from WeekView) are eligible for the upgrade prices. eligible for the upgrade prices.

Other Languages: German (V-4.0f) (tap link to download).

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
Comparison chart of DateBk3, 4 and 5
Download the 100 page manual in PDF format (1.3Mb)
-Utilities and Add-ons
-Download & Install Instructions
-How to Enter Registration Code
Download fully functional version with 45-day free trial as ZIP or Windows EXE  
Industry Awards & Testimonials

DateBk4:  $24.95
or request information on multiple purchase discounts:


DateBk4 runs fine on all standard Palm OS devices. PalmOne has, however, recently strayed away from the standard Palm OS by incorporating proprietary PIM apps and databases along with a kludgy "Data Manager Patch" that is supposed to provide compatibility with third party applications. It is however, flawed both in design and execution and so it is essential that you download all the fixes on the PalmOne website to have acceptable performance on this device. If you download and install all those fixes, DateBk4 will run ok on the Tungsten T3, E and Zire-72 and 31.

However, the new Tungsten T5 and Treo650 are too flawed at this time to run DateBk4 and will typically crash with all kinds of bogus errors such as the commonly seen VFS cache error. You will need to upgrade to DateBk5 (V-5.4a or later) to workaround these flaws and performance problems. This is a free upgrade for registered DateBk4 users.

Other Useful DateBk4 Utilities

Download Utility to install Icons and Timezones (without fiddling!), V-1.0a: dbSetup4.zip (Note: I have put a zip archive here because too many people were inadvertently corrupting the PRC file). If you are unable to handle zip format, you can download the dbSetup4.prc file, but if you corrupt this file, you will end up with a corrupt fragment  that will be difficult to delete, so please do not do this unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing.

Interested in finding more icons for DateBk4? There are a couple of websites that are devoted to icons for DateBk3/4 that you may find helpful. We especially like TwoKidsInAGarage with their 220 icons organized into theme sets that make it easy to work with them. Another icon set of note is: 99 icons for DateBk3 (which work with both DateBk3 & DateBk4). Some other places to locate icons are listed in the FAQ's including Robin's icon site.

Download Utility to extract Datebk4 Daily Journals, V-1.0j: journaler.exe Note: this utility is for users of the Palm Desktop for Windows software. It will only work with other conduits/desktops if there is a Datebook.dat file stored in an identical format to the Palm Desktop software.

Suspect problems with your Datebook database? Try our dbScan datebook database checking utility. dbScan can also clean up your graffiti shortcuts which on a Palm III may have a huge number of redundant records because of a bug in the V-3.0 and V-3.1 Palm OS's (3 shortcuts are added every time you do a reset)! We also have an unzipped version of dbScan but again strongly urge you to use the ZIP file instead.

Prior Versions of DateBk3 with smaller footprints

Download Past Version 3.0u:  English Spanish  Japanese (3.0v)  German  French  Italian  

Download Past Version 2.1y: English Japanese German

Download Past Version 1.5e: English

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