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WeekView, Version 2.3c - Provides that all-important week-at-a-glance view for both datebook appointments and ToDo's in one simple integrated screen.  A tap on any day brings up a list of all events and ToDo's on that day and you can cross-off ToDo's from that screen. You can also tap on an item in the details view and go directly to the datebook application with that item selected.

WeekView can display a 1-week, 2-week or 1/2-week view, and includes a quick jump dialog to go to any week by week number.

WeekView makes the best use of the screen by wordwrapping a single appointment to multiple lines if it is the only appointment on the day. Filtering options allow you to include or exclude ToDo's, hide daily repeat events, etc.

For those users who need this useful view, but cannot afford more than the small 51k footprint of WeekView, this provides an ideal solution.

Note that this popular calendar view is an integral part of the DateBk3/4/5 calendar programs. If you have a new handheld, you may want to look at these more comprehensive calendar solutions.


As a registered WeekView user,  you can upgrade at any time for just $10 to DateBk3 or for $15 to either DateBk4 or DateBk5 if you wish.


Download the documentation on WeekView in html format
-Download & Install Instructions
Download fully functional version with exception of future months past next month: ZIP or Windows Executable 
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V-2.3b Maintenance Release is REQUIRED for all newer Palm devices (Treos, Centro etc.) to sidestep Performance & Stability problems in these newer Devices.WeekView - just $15
or request information on multiple purchase discounts:

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