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DateBk3/4/5/6 - Order Queries & Technical Support
Note: All Pimlico email addresses on this website are intentionally displayed as non-hyperlinked graphics to prevent trolling by spammers.

NOTE! If you use Windows Vista, you will need to download the latest V-6.2 of the Palm Desktop, or you can purchase DateBk on a 64Mb SD card (useful also for backup, etc.) and have it mailed to you for just an extra $15 (subject to availability).

Do you have the "January" problem? Have a newer PalmOne device and it keeps on turning back on? This is *NOT* a DateBk issue, but a known bug in PalmOne's devices related to birthday reminders - see this Palm Knowledgebase Article for information on this bug and how to sidestep it (you'll have to remove any birthday reminders that trigger in the prior year).

Are you using the DateBk6's TimeZone feature and wondering about the new Daylight Savings schedule for 2007? Just Click Here for the DateBk6 FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions") that tells you how to quickly how to update your existing installation (all downloads in the past six months included the updated table). Also V-6.1a fully supports timezones in the Palm calendar database .

Having a problem on a newer PalmOne device where it hangs on the calendar conduit? Palm may tell you this is a DateBk problem, but this is not true. It is a known bug in their software which they have yet to address, but the DbFixIt utility has been updated to fix this bug in their software, so just download DbFixIt and use the option to remove deleted records from the calendar database.

Non-Technical Questions

For all non-technical questions: submit an email to this email Address:
If you don't get a reply within 48 hours, there may have been a delivery problem in which case you can send it to the Advanced Technical Support email address (see below), but in that case you will need to fill out a tech report form (copy in the DateBk3/4/5/6/weekview...zip download) as otherwise you may get an automated response back requesting that you fill out that form and resubmit the request.

I have lost my registration (or never received it) and need it to be re-sent

Send an email including your full name and the email address/physical mailing address that you would have used at the time your registered. If you have the sales order number, that will speed up the processing of your request.

My registration code does not work

This means that Pimlico was not provided with your correct HotSyncUser name. To avoid problems with extra/missing spaces, etc., tap on the legend "HotSyncID:" that is displayed at the top left of the REGISTER SOFTWARE dialog (DateBk4/5 - select About - Register S/W and tap on REGISTER S/W button, DateBk3: REGISTER SOFTWARE is in the Options menu) note down the Hexadecimal numbers that are displayed in the dialog that appears (See attached graphic) and email them to:

I don't know how to find my HotSyncUser name

I have a new email address and want to update your database

Send an email including your full name and the email address/physical mailing address that you would have used at the time you registered along with your new email address. Note that you need to join a mailing list to get notified of new releases, upgrades, etc.

I'm having trouble installing DateBk3/4/5or WeekView

Documentation, etc.

The majority of inquiries about program operation are about issues that are well covered in the DateBk5 User Manual (see download links in right-hand sidebar of DateBk5 web page: http://www.PimlicoSoftware.com/datebk5.htm) or in the DateBk5  FAQ's or DateBk6 FAQ's

Note that you can type Control/F in Acrobat Reader to search for keywords - a useful way to use the manual.

Advanced Technical Support

Advanced technical inquiries can be sent to: . However, if they involve a problem, they must be submitted on a standard Tech Report Form.

Remember, that emails are also answered on a priority basis. Someone who is getting Fatal Exceptions is going to get priority over someone else who is just asking a question that is clearly answered in the FAQ's or User Manual. Before reporting a problem, make sure you are using the very latest release of DateBk5.

Suggestions for improving the product should also be sent to . When possible CESD will attempt to respond to every such suggestion, but on occasion this may not be possible - however that does not mean that the suggestion is being ignored - most likely it has been made before and your email is just filed away as a further support document for that suggestion. Also check the FAQ's for frequently-offered suggestions that for one reason or another are simply not practical to implement.

Support Forums

There are useful forums on the internet where you can post inquiries about these programs. Due to their popularity, there are thousands of other Palm Users who use these products and who often frequent these forums and offer help to people who ask questions. If you have not used these forums before, it's a good idea to read them first to ensure you engage in appropriate 'netiquette'.  

The best spot for DateBk5/6 is the useful pimlicodatebk forum on Yahoo Groups which has some fifteen thousand avid DateBk3/4/5/6 users who discuss the best ways to use these programs, and provide a good source for ideas incorporated into future versions. You can go to www.yahoogroups.com and search for pimlicodatebk to find this forum. If you join Yahoo Groups - remember to turn OFF all the options for "marketing" stuff or Yahoo will consider you a target for advertising (for that reason, the group is likely to be moved over the next month or so).

Other general purpose forums include: the Pilot List Server (http://www.ultraviolet.org) an active email group of Palm users, and the main Internet Forum: comp.sys.palmtops.pilot.

Mailing Lists

Join Regular Mailing List. You will be notified of ALL new releases (including maintenance releases), and other items of interest such as the release of any DateBk6 associated utility programs, new plug-ins) etc. 

Click on mailto:DateBk-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to join the regular DateBk4/5/6 mailing list by sending an email to the specified address. To remove your name from the list, click on mailto:DateBk-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

Join BETA TEST Mailing List. You will be notified of the pre-release of future versions of DateBk for testing.  Beta tests usually involve a relatively stable version of the software, but there are no guarantees, so you should only sign up here if you have good backup procedures in place and have an interest in the testing process. A significant benefit here is that you get to influence the design of the product and communicate directly with CESD about various issues.

Click on mailto:DateBkBeta-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to join the Beta DateBk mailing list by sending an email to the specified address. To remove your name from the list, click on: mailto:DateBkBeta-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com.

And just WHO is CESD?! Well there's a short biography here for those who wonder what handheld computers have to do with gorillas

Not heard back from us? Check to see if you were:
 unreachable by email!

NOTE: If you use spam filtering or whitelists, you must allow the Pimlico support email address to be valid.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that DateBk3/4/5 is not only a
fantastic product in its own right, but Pimlico provides the best support of any Palm software provider.  That may sound like hyperbole, but I think it's fact.
Steve T.

Many thanks, it worked immediately! Your service is outstanding : fast, friendly and efficient. You should give some lessons to the people from Microsoft.

YOU GUYS ROCK! Thank you SO much! Is there anywhere I can give you guys public Kudos?!? I have NEVER, NEVER, NEVER dealt with a company with such EXCELLENT customer support!

You guys are the absolute best in this business. If there is ever a referral or recomendation I can give, just ask. Doing business with your firm is the standard all should aspire to.
Dave S.

Thanks for your excellent service! This is better than I get 
for some software that I paid a LOT more money for!

This is the best - quickest and most detailed, thorough and personal -
technical support I have ever received.
Dan A.

Once again I am impressed by both your professionalism and the quality of your software. I look forward to purchasing other 3C programs from you.
Chris P

Thanks for all your help, I have never had better tech support!
Joe Hite

Again, Ive said it before. You set an example in support that is
unchallenged on any platform.

Thanks so much for your prompt and thorough response. You are the best software author that I have ever encountered, and I really appreciate your thoughtfulness to customer feedback.
Konrad H

I just finished reading the manual front to back. First, it (like DB3 and 4) is very easy to understand. Folks who have significantly less complicated and powerful programs would do well to read it and learn how to write explanations that actually benefit the software user!
Angela W.

Thanks for your quick response. You guys are great. I wish other software vendors were as responsible as you.
Richard S.

Great Software. Great Ideals. Great Service. What else could I ask for? Keep up the great work.
Doyle R.

This by far is the best customer service I have received in years, thanks for you help.
Your loyal customer,
Kirsten B.

So, thanks a lot for all your help. I couldn't have asked for better
support! :^)

Steve F.

Just a brief note to thank you for the email support using Datebk5. It is the best program that I have experienced for the Palm OS.
The customer support has been exceptional.
Once again, Thank You.
Gregory H.


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