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How to pay and register for Pimlico Programs...

Registration of Pimlico's software product will bring you a registration code that unlocks full access to the program. We have taken several steps to make paying for the software as painless as possible! Best of all, your registration helps wildlife conservation!

Electronic Orders

To register our most popular program DateBk5, the quickest and most efficient way is to do this electronically through PayPal by clicking on the appropriate button below. You can either use an existing PayPal Account or you can just use a standard credit card. If you don't get your permanent registration code within 48 hours, check the Invalid Emails Page - especially if you used a free email account as free email accounts are often not that reliable. Your registration will be sent to your PayPal email address, so be SURE to check that email address as well first!

Note: These products are shareware software with a free trial period. You do NOT need to order the software to try it out. Only order the software when you are satisfied it will meet your needs as there are no refunds available once you receive your registration code.  Locate "Download" link on the DateBk3/4/5/6 pages (see top of this web page) to download the application.

Pimlico never responds to challenge-response systems on email - if you use such a system, you MUST whitelist the email address: to get your registration code.

The first step is to tap on link below for the product you want to purchase:

DateBk6  ·  DbFixIt  ·  DateBk6 Upgrade from DateBk3/4/5  ·  DateBk6 Upgrade from WeekView

Older versions of the DateBk application follow below.

DateBk4/DateBk5    ·    DateBk4/DateBk5 upgrade from DateBk3
·    DateBk4/5 Upgrade from WeekView

DateBk3   ·    WeekView

Having a problem with timeouts using PayPal?

Cookies have to be enabled to use Paypal. If you do not have cookies enabled, then before completing your order with Pay Pal, go to the Tools menu at the top of your browser and select Internet Options… Select the Privacy tab, and click the Advanced… button. Check the Override automatic cookie handling checkbox, and ensure that First Party Cookies and Third Party Cookies are both set to Accept. In addition, check Always allow session cookies. Click OK on the Advanced Privacy Settings window, and again on the Internet Options window. Complete your order. You may want to change these settings back to their default after the transaction is complete. Usually, just taking the default Medium setting for privacy will work.


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