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   DbFixIt, V-2.0c for the Palm OS Platform
(Only available in English at this time)


DbFixIt for Palm OS® is a new utility that is designed to detect and repair errors in corrupt Palm OS databases. In particular, it knows the precise structure of the standard Palm OS and proprietary PalmOne PIM databases and can selectively repair those errors.

New in Version 2.0 is a feature to remove duplicate records from the PIM databases (or any database where duplicate records can be safely removed).

Corrupt databases can cause all kinds of problems from crashing applications, hanging or crashing conduits, or causing unexpected errors such as retrieving the wrong record on a global find. DbFixIt is the first Palm OS utility to address all these issues. It will be especially of interest to those people who rarely sync with a desktop, or run into a corruption issue when no desktop is around to refresh the database from, or when the associated conduit just won't run.

A one-touch Easy Check or Easy Fix button checks all the standard PIM databases and repairs them, optionally removing duplicate records, making operation very simple. For advanced users, there is the ability to scan individual databases, backup and restore databases, and remove selected ranges of records. There is a feature that will scan every record in a database for a matching string and then allow the record to be deleted (useful if the application in question crashes when attempting to access a record that appears to be corrupt).

DbFixIt has an unlimited trial period during which it will detect, but not repair errors or remove duplicate records. Only the registered version has the ability to repair errors and certain other functions are not available on the unregistered version. Registering the program also allows you to take advantage of further, advanced technical support to repair or recover damaged databases.

Registering DbFixIt will then selectively fix the errors, and in all cases where it is technically feasible to do so, without losing the data in the record. Most importantly, registering DbFixIt includes further advanced support on specific issues related to the recovery and repair of corrupt databases.

DbFixIt runs on ALL PALM OS Devices running OS 2.0 or later.

Best of all, the proceeds from this product go towards wildlife conservation and the Dewar Wildlife Trust.

Types of problems that DbFixIt corrects:

• PIM Databases: invalid dates, invalid times, items not sorted properly, description, note fields too long or pointing outside of the record, Invalid repeat specifications, invalid alarm information, orphaned repeat events, physical record too short or too long, invalid priority field, etc.

• Duplicate Records: Duplicate records in the four major PIM databases can be removed by checking the appropriate checkbox next to the Easy Fix button.

• ALL Databases: Duplicate unique ID's, locked records left in database, record too long (when maximum length is known), NIL chunks on non-deleted records, accessibility of all records via Palm OS.

• BLOB Errors: Blobs are data appended to the end of a record. Due to bugs in the built-in contacts application, conduit problems and memory corruption issues, corrupt Blobs can appear in the PIM databases on newer PalmOne devices and these can not be removed by simply hotsynching from the desktop to the handheld. Pimlico has seen several cases of users with enormous contacts databases (some as large as 40-50Mb (!) that were 98% garbage from corrupt Blobs. Image below was from a Palm user's contacts database that was 1.8Mb in size. After DbFixIt cleaned it up, 1.57Mb of wasted space was recovered, and the database was then only some 230k in size.

• Support. When you need help, you are communicating with highly experienced Palm OS users and developers with a genuine interest in helping you - not novice support technicians at a large company that have relatively little interest in your problems.



DbFixIt: $12.95

Send email to SWSupport@PimlicoSoftware.com to request a link to the purchase page for this product!

-Download & Install Instructions
-DbFixIt Read-Me-First File
-DbFixit Manual (Adobe PDF format)
-How to Enter Registration Code

Download current version as a PRC by clicking on picture on left (~0.2Mb). Save on desktop and then select with Palm Install Tool to install it.
Or you can download the Zip file with the read-me-first file, manual and revision history, etc. by clicking here. If you don't know how to handle zip files and are a windows user, download the Windows EXE version Tap on Download & Install Instructions for assistance. This version provides an unlimited free trial for new users, but will only detect and not repair errors that it finds.
You can also purchase DbFixIt on an SD card (useful also for backup, etc.) and have it mailed to you for just an extra $15 (subject to availability). Click here to purchase SD Card.

Download Prior 1.0 Version of DbFixit by clicking here.

-General Industry Awards/Testimonials
-Technical Support

Responses from DbFixIt Users

Just wanted to let you folks know that the DBfixit2 worked great. I now have my palm back to working well again. I'll peruse your other software offerings for palm as I like the Palm desktop. Thanks again.            Rich
Thank you, it worked awesome. After 2 weeks of total frustration it finally worked, my palm zire synced with outlook. Best 13.00 I ever spent. robin
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It worked on the first try! You saved my life, because my life was in my (formerly) corrupted calendar. LOL
God bless you.                              J Gadek :-)
am just emailing to say thank you. Yesterday all my datebook records vanished from my pc and the date book sync would not work. I got pretty
stressed (slight understatement!). Anyway, fighting down the panic I did some googling and came across a chat room that mentioned DBfixit. It found 3 errors on my database. And then my datebook synced first time. Thank you so much.                                                 Jane H.
I would like to thank you for the DbFixit program. I have emerged from the Vista hell, converted to W7 & read that syncing with Palm does not always work. It didn't, so I went down the "simple" Bluetooth route which didn't work until I had run DbFixit.                 S. Alexander
Your solution worked. Another PALM user bailed out by you. Many raspberries to PALM for their really poor support. I wish they had just told me to go get your S/W, buy it and run it instead of wasting hours of my time with their useless suggestions, taking control of my computer and performing useless scans with out fixing anything. Kudos to you for providing a solution to their problem.                      B. Schmidt
Thank you so much for creating the DbFixIt software. I was unable to get my Tungesten E2 to sync until I used the DbFixIt. I tried on two PCs and two different desktop versions. I was ready to bang my head against the wall not knowing what was wrong and was very afraid of losing the data on my Palm.                    B. Young
I am bowing at your feet. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I followed your directions, registered DbFixit, ran it, it fixed an error and POOF I am able to get back into all 600+ memos. It also says it fixed an error in my calendar datebook...all looks OK.                                Marcia C.
OMG!! I wanna do flips down the road and shout out loud!!! This software saved my life... literally my calendar of life! THANK YOU!!! Best $$ I ever spent!!!  GENIUS!!                      Susan W.
Thank you so much your program fixed my problem in just a few minutes!!!!
To lose my calendar was horrendous - but you took care of it - you are the best!!   Barbara P.
You are a genius. Best $12.95 I've ever spent on this contraption. Thanks.           Richard S.
Sir - You are the best. I love you! I love you! I love you! As you may have guessed, my calendar now works. You are great. Thank you.           Wes
Thanks a lot for your help. the 12.95 have been indeed a good investment since it not only fixed to synchronization but also made it possible that i can use the palm desktop software without it crashing all the time!    Achim S.
People thanks so much, life saver ,it was so easy with your help. Will tell all how great dbfixit was.
Best Regards, Gary L
The problem with DbFixIt is that it isn't aggressive enough. It should come over to my house slap me and say "This'll be the best $12 you ever spent"... that would have saved me about 10 hours of trying to fix a mysterious synch problem that your program solved within 5 minutes of my receiving the registration code.
Thanks! Worth every penny.            mike
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Dbfixit fixed my Centro!!!! Happy Day!    SharonM
BLESS YOU !!!!!!  3 hours on line with PALM to try and fix a calendar sync freeze-up on my Centro and all calendar data on desktop gone. Could not repair. They said after all else failed, I needed a hard reset but would loose all my data since desktop was wiped out as well. I said no way...6 years of data going bye-bye, I don't think so. Found and purchased dbfix ... 2 minutes with dbfix ... handheld overwrites desktop ... sync ... drum roll ......... TAH DAH !!! All data restored and
working fine. All is well with the world, how come PALM can't fix their product but you
can?? No matter, BLESS YOU...best $13 I've spent in a while.                         Erik
Thank you for excellent the DbFixIt program. It fixed the inability of HotSync to sync my ATT Treo 680 Datebook. The program found and deleted a total of 7 blobs during two searches.
I can now sync all HotSync applications.  John
I would like to thank you for DbFixit. It has been - literally - years since I've been able to sync the datebook on my various Treos with my computer.
Today, I found a posting that suggested that problems like mine might be caused by corrupt datebook entries, and that your software was the solution. I tried it, and it was!                 DavidS
Feedback for your dbfixit program.
Thanks for creating this program. I switched to the Palm Centro from the 700p and had countless sync issues Bottomline: It fixed all my Palm database issues and I can confidently sync without any headaches. Surprisingly, the Hotsync works much faster!              SeanH
I just heard about your DBFixit tool a few days ago in the Palm Customer Service & Support forum. Until then, I was seriously thinking of tossing my brand new Centro in the garbage because it just wasn't syncing at all. I wasted far too many hours trying different things to get it to work...A forum member suggested I try DBFixit, so I downloaded it from your site.... It was able to alert me to a calendar entry (lunch with a friend back in February 2005!) that was corrupted. I...then was able to sync. Huge relief! I believe DBFixit ought to be pre-loaded on every new Palm device... it's that good!                KathyP
it totally fixed the errors and my centro is syncing up with both computers without a problem. Thank you for both your quick reply and for designing this program that Palm couldn't figure out after hours on their helpline. At least they referred me to the dbfixit program and everything is all better! You are my hero!!!! I can't thank you enough!
Pimlico, It seems as though you have saved my life. I have spent several hours with Palm on the phone to no avail.. However, they did recommend that I purchase your product. I did and my hot sync problems were solved. I am a a business owner and have 6 years of data on my palm that I could not sync. I use my palm and my laptop equally heavy in my day to day operation of my diagnostic sleep labs... Thank you so much
Thank you so much. Your software worked and fixed all my calendar problems. I can now sync again. It's been a long 4 months now... if I
knew it was that easy and that your software works, I would have purchased it long time ago. Thanks again so much!                         Najib
OMG!! Spent weeks in total frustration after purchasing a Treo 755. It would freeze at the calendar sync and would not go any farther. Palm said there  was nothing I could do. They said to manually enter all calendar entries. Why would I have this device then!! I have had a palm product since the M100s were out. I was seriously thinking of switching when I came across your product. I am such a happy camper now, it fixed it with one touch of the button. Thanks so  much for designing such a great product. Too bad Palm won't tell their  customers  about this.                     Kathi
The registered version of DbFixIt totally solved my problem. Thank you. Worth every penny.   WC
Oh My God it worked! I feel like a black cloud has been lifted from over my head. Wow, what a
relief. Thank you and worth every penny. I have spent HOURS on the phone with Palm
technicians (who i had to pay extra for) and online with their chat help, to no avail. Finally, after searching the internet, I came across a forum that recommended you. Thank God. How can I spread the word? This is such a huge thing for me to have my calendar back, I want to tell other people about it.                    LCooney
It seems you have really understood the Palm data structures and how to fix them with a minimum of data loss. DbFixit has saved me a lot of wasted time and along with NVBackup security from losing all that valuable personal and organisational data.   Many thanks
Actually, I just ran another advanced use fix on the calendar and it worked!!!! Thank you soooooo much!!! You saved my LIFE!!!    Megan
I tried what seemed like everything to get my calendar to sync. Your DB fixit program did the trick. For the first time in 6months I'm able to run a HotSync without a Calendar sync failure. Thank you for such a wonderful program!  (RRivera).
Thanks - picked up 1 MB. (Tom S.)
Thanks for making this utility. I have found that I've gotten some extra free RAM back after having it delete and fix the BLOBs. So, if nothing else, I'm glad I paid for it!  (Maceyr).
people i meet who have stopped using the palm and changed to blackberry or the new iphone because i quote 'my palm always crashes and freezes' why cant palm figure this out; it is such a necessity. My desktop went from 30 megs to 3 megs; AMAZING;can you share this with palm and get them to promote it too. thanks again
I just purchased a Treo 755p and spent hours trying to get past the calendar conduit, hanging up on hot sync every time.....I downloaded DbFixIt, had ONE bad file, repaired it, and everything worked immediately. Thank you so much!!                      Carol T
I love the way you set up DBFIXIT. it has changed everything. I have almost 0 crashes with my Todo's (that were previously frequent) and can very easily access DBFIXIT from a hard button. thanks for increasing my efficiency!! (and.. you can use this on your page as an endorsement to this amazing product).  Neal P.
Hope you don't mind me taking a moment of your time to thank you. I've been a DateBk user for years and "won't leave home without it", but I want to thank you now for dbFixIt. I've had a problem for ages where every time I get a new SMS, I also get 4 blank SMS messages that I have to delete. Palm's suggestion was do a hard reset and rebuild from scratch. Gotta love 'em. Anyhow, dbFixIt identified some misplaced deleted records. Getting rid of those solved my problem.                              Pete S
Thank you so much for writing this program! I have been unable to sync my datebook with Outlook for nearly two years. Multiple calls to Chapura were unsuccessful, mostly because I was unwilling to delete my database and start over. One pass with your program found the offending file, fixed it, and now all is well! Thanks again (SMathey).
Your program is great!! Best $12.95 I have ever spent. I can't tell you how much time was wasted
until your program was installed on my treo. You helped me where the manufacturer couldn't. I can't believe Palm can't fix corrupted data on
their own units. Thanks again.           Mark
It found 32 duplicate Unique ID's in my Contacts, and 120k of blobs. (Khaytsus)
How many programs can you say that about?  CLEANED OUT ALL THE PROBLEMS. Jonathan
I have about 5MB free (thanks to your dbFixIt freeing 2.6MB!). (JSeder)
I was not having any problems but I tried it, it found BLOB data corruption and other problems in just about every Calendar and Contact record. It says once I fix these errors the databases will be reduced in size by almost 500kB. Ordered it this am.  (Josser).
I just wanted to let you know that I had been unable to synchronize tasks for months because of the dreaded OLERR:0E problem. One run of DbFixIt solved the problem. (WBornstein)
Thanks for the speedy response! I received the registration code and entered it successfully. The Dbs have been fixed and HotSynced back to my desktop machine. I can breathe easily again! (MShar).
Thank you! I just ran DB Fixit, and the best I recall it was something 700 records corrupted (mostly BLOB) and something like 4 MB of data regained (mostly from calendar).   (GCook).
I had not been able to Hotsync in over a year.  I was about to wipe my device and try and rebuild all my databases.  Thanks to DbFixIt, I am back up and running.  I couldn't be any happier.  Thanks from a VERY HAPPY customer!! (SHoogasian)
WOW.. It worked!! My calendar now Synchs.
Thanks.                 RHuffman
Your first suggestion helped correct the problem, and I can now sync to my hearts delight :-)

If I had gone the route that Palm Tech support had suggested (hard resetting + making the desktop overwrite the handheld) I would at the
very least have lost the main part of 5 months of records....

So thank you for your help and your program! It is priceless!
 I imagine you've heard that a lot.  I spent so much time trying to  fix this, and your program cleared everything up in seconds.  I'm a happy camper. Doubly happy because the money goes to wildlife conservation!  It's a win-win situation :)
K Crummins
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been trying for two weeks to get my Treo 650 to hotsync since downloading the current version of Palm Desktop! I was at my wits end when I read about this program. I have been a Datebk fan for years and now I am ready to party!     Alicia
Just ran a scan this morning and it found 4 errors in my Task database. I was surprised because I regularly run dbscan and also use Palm Desktop Tools option to scan my Treo, and neither found these 4 errors. (fireworksfx).
To sum it up, I tried the trial and it worked perfectly showing me all the errors. I bought the full version and ran it through on all the PIM databases. I fixed all the errors and deleted the "blobs". I gained a bit more then a meg of memory, the contacts database opens faster and it is much more responsive. Worth the $12.95 to me. (Matty)
Just wanted to say thank you for the DbfixIt!  I thought my Palm TX was toast, but after installing the registration number and running the scan, it is now working again!!!! Thank you, thank you!                            Deb


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