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DateBk3, Version 3.1h - Replaces the built-in Datebook and Todo applications on all models of the Palm Organizer with a more powerful, integrated program that maintains the general look and feel of the original applications. 

DateBk3 is the predecessor to DateBk4 and DateBk5 and implements many of DateBk4/5's features in a considerably more compact footprint that is some 300k smaller than DateBk5. 

Some of the utilities for DateBk5 will work with DateBk3 such as Journaler, dbSetup, dbAlarm, etc.

For details on the difference between DateBk3 and DateBk4/5, you can look at the table of differences which shows the different features in all versions of DateBk.

Handspring's Datebook+

A light version of Datebk3 was licensed to Handspring as their Datebook+ application. If you are moving from a Handspring device to another Palm handheld and miss Datebook+ and do not need the power of DateBk4/5, then DateBk3 is the natural choice as it is almost identical to Datebook+. The main differences are DateBk3's support for categories, icons and timezones. There are several other small differences (such as times to the nearest minute, appointments spanning midnight, make exception command, better compatibility with non-Roman languages etc.). But for the most part, Handspring Datebook+ users will feel right at home!

Other Languages

V-3.1 is now available for download in German
V-3.1 is now available for download in French


DateBk3 runs fine on all standard Palm OS devices. PalmOne has, however, recently strayed away from the standard Palm OS by incorporating proprietary PIM apps and databases along with a kludgy "Data Manager Patch" that is supposed to provide compatibility with third party applications. It is however, flawed both in design and execution and so it is essential that you download all the fixes on the PalmOne website to have acceptable performance on this device. If you download and install all those fixes, DateBk3 will run ok on the Tungsten T3, E and Zire-72 and 31.

However, the new Tungsten T5 and Treo650 are too flawed at this time to run DateBk3 and will typically crash with all kinds of bogus errors such as the commonly seen VFS cache error. You will need to upgrade to DateBk5 (V-5.4a or later) to workaround these flaws and performance problems.


Your DateBk3 registration code will not work with DateBk4 or DateBk5. However, you can upgrade at any time for just $10 to either DateBk4 or DateBk5 if you wish. About the only reason to use DateBk3 rather than DateBk5 would be if you are extremely tight on space and have no use for the specific features that are only present in DateBk4/5, or if you need a language that is not yet available in DateBk4/5.

Prior Versions of DateBk3 with even smaller footprints

Download Past Version 3.0u:  English Spanish  Japanese (3.0v)  German  French  Italian  

Download Past Version 2.1y: English grnbull.gif (879 bytes) Japanese grnbull.gif (879 bytes) German

Download Past Version 1.5e: English


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