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 Legacy Applications for the Palm OS - older versions (with smaller footprints)

Some of these applications may be of interest for users with older devices that have less memory, or an older version of the palm OS not supported by the latest releases.
» DateBk5
  Prior version of the Premier calendar application for Palm OS Handhelds. This version runs on all newer Palm OS devices as well as legacy devices.
» DateBk4
  Predecessor to DateBk5 runs on all Palm OS devices except the latest Palm OS devices with their proprietary  PIM databases
» DateBk3
  Predecessor to DateBk4 runs on all Palm OS devices except the latest Palm OS devices with their proprietary  PIM databases. A light version of DateBk3 appeared as datebook+ on all Handspring handhelds and on the Treo600 SmartPhone.
A small program that just provides the popular Weekly View of the DateBk applications - compatible with all versions of the Palm OS
This simple freeware application makes it possible to sync all legacy Palm devices with the newest V-6.2 Palm Desktop. Just click here to download this little application. Palm claims that the V-6.2 desktop won't work with older devices, but PalmHotSyncSetup fixes that issue.
When most of the other Palm OS vendors dropped out of the market, Palm rewrote their PIM applications and came out with a new internal architecture that was not fully compatible with Palm OS applications written for the earlier generation devices. We refer to the older devices as Legacy devices. Here is a list of specific devices which fall into each category:
Legacy Devices:  any device running OS4 or earlier, any non-Palm brand handheld (Sony, Garmin, etc.), or Treo-600, Tungsten C/T/T2, Zire-71
Newer Devices:  any Treo model except Treo-600, Tungsten T3/T5/Tx/LifeDrive, Zire 72/31

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