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   DateBk6p, V-6.2a, s0 for the Palm Pre
(Certified for Motion Apps Classic )
WARNING: WebOS 2.x no longer supports Classic: only WebOS 1.x devices are supported. As a result, Motion Apps discontinued Classic and no longer offers support on it.

Unless you are a strong power user and prepared to deal with the issues of getting Classic installed by yourself, we do *not* recommend that you purchase DateBk6 for WebOS V-1.x phones.

DateBk6 for Palm OSฎ is a highly advanced calendar application that brings a wealth of functionality not even present in most desktop calendar programs. DateBk was so popular that Handspring licensed a light version of it for their handheld devices and Palm used it on their Treo-600 SmartPhones instead of the regular Palm OS calendar application.

As a transition strategy to new devices and operating systems, DateBkp will now run reliably as a standalone program in the MotionApps Classic environment which basically emulates a traditional Palm OS environment on the new Palm Pre. This will be of interest to all DateBk users who vitally need all the functionality of DateBk on a handheld. In the future, this will provide a transition strategy to the use of Pimlical which is even more powerful and features connectivity to internet calendar standards. Pimlical was designed to be a cross-platform application and will be rolling out on several different desktop and handheld platforms during the course of 2011.

The Classic certified DateBk6p version is a $9.95 upgrade for those users who had previously purchased DateBk3/4/5/6 from Pimlico Software. The $9.95 price also includes a $5 discount coupon on the new Pimlical calendar application which can be applied to a future purchase of Pimlical on any platform that it supports (currently, only windows desktop).

Installing DateBk6p into Classic Environment

  • Connect your Pre to your computer with the USB cable and activate the USB Drive mode on your Pre.
  • Copy the PRC file you downloaded from right sidebar on this page from your computer to the ClassicApps/Install folder on your Pre.
  • Disconnect your Pre from the USB port and launch Classic.

Getting existing data migrated into the Classic Environment

You will also likely need to perform a one-time migration of your existing calendar data into the classic environment. If you have an SD card on your handheld that you can read on the desktop, the procedure is simple: Use a third party file utility like FileZ and copy these files to the SD Card:


On the desktop, you will see these files with a .PDB extension added.

To install your PIM databases, just copy them to the ClassicApps/Install folder on your Pre. Next time you launch Classic, your PDB files will be imported into the main storage memory of Palm OS and should be visible in the built-in Palm OS apps in classic and also seen by DateBk6p.

If you don't have an SD card, the procedure is a bit trickier: again, using FileZ, in the General tab, change the CreatorID of the CalendarDB-PDat file from PDat to say PDaz and change the filename from Calendar-PDat to Calendar-PDaz. In the Attrs tab, make sure the Backup checkbox is checked. Repeat this step in a similar fashion for the other three PIM databases. Then hotsync. All four databases should now appear in your Backup folder as they will no longer be recognized as the built-in Pim databases. Continue with the first procedure to copy those four files into the Classic environment, but after you do that, reverse the renaming procedure using FileZ to restore the original filename and creatorID. You will also likely want to restore the original filename and creatorID on those files in your physical Palm OS device too - otherwise it will look like they "disappeared".

If you need help getting this all to work, contact Technical Support.

Known issues in MotionApps' Classic environment.

The 1.2 update has fixed several prior problems (such as using alarms).

Remember that you must exit out of DateBk6 before quitting the Classic environment (launch some other application or go to the home page so that Classic will write out any pending information).

The only other issue that has been reported to us is that there can be a hang if the emulator was left running in the background for more than 5 min or so, no matter what app was active (i.e. not an issue specifically with DateBk6p). However, the user who reported this problem also said that changing the emulator settings from Turbo to normal seems to have fixed that issue.

Note: if you trying to sync via WiFi, but have been unsuccessful, this comment by a user may be helpful: "I have FINALLY been able to sync my Palm Pre with the Palm Desktop software using Wifi. I found by reading the PreCentral Classic forum that several people were unable to sync if they also had a laptop using Wifi as they were "competing" for the signal. I turned mine off and was able to sync. 

When was the last time that you missed buying a birthday present because there was no ADVANCE warning of an event? Or missed a task because your tasks were not integrated with your calendar? Or spent more than two taps inserting a commonly used event for which DateBk6 has a built-in template? Or needed to look at a week-at-a-glance with the TEXT listed of your appointments? Or wanted to use color on your Palm handheld to emphasize important events? Or wanted to keep your spouse's or co-worker's calendar on your palm - but visibly separate from your own? Or have DateBk6 time-zone aware so that alarms and events are properly keyed to the correct timezone? Or wanted to recover an event that you accidentally just deleted? Or link an event or ToDo to an addressbook entry and automatically log to it? Or put an alarm on a ToDo? Or handle events that span midnight? Or.....? DateBk6 handles all of these tasks and more. No wonder it is one of the most popular Palm programs ever written! A light version of DateBk3 (DateBK4/5's predecessor licensed to Handspring) appeared in every Handspring handheld and the PalmOne Treo 600 smartphone under the name DateBook+ or Calendar.

Best of all, the proceeds from this product go towards wildlife conservation and the Dewar's Gorilla Haven project in the North Georgia Mountains

Some notable features:

• Colors, fonts, icons, custom alarms and repeats (on both events and ToDo's) make it easy highlight important events

• Full integration of ToDo's, split-screen display of all databases.

• Today screen with plug-ins (VersaMail, SnapperMail, WeatherForecast, battery status, quote-of-the-day, phases of moon - more to come!) and many ways to configure it. Note: some plug-ins written by other developers may only be trial versions which require a separate charge for a fully licensed version, although most are free.

• Floating Reminders (advances) for items give advance warning that avoid surprises.

• Saved Views make it possible to customize a view and then save it for future use or schedule it with a complex repeat schedule so it gets applied automatically when you want

• Alarm Manager shows all upcoming alarms, allows you to silence all alarms to a fixed date/time, or you can designate certain events (such as meetings) to automatically silence alarms.

• Quick Entry Templates available in all views insert standard boilerplate items with just a few taps

• Weekly View with text shows a week-at-a-glance with the ability to read the appointment text. Year, 4-month and list views are also featured in DateBk6 and even the graphical weekly and monthly views have options to display text.

• Use Palm OS categories to separate business from personal use or store calendars of other people, with the ability to beam an entire category to another user.

• Colorful icons along with an icon editor provides both useful functionality and a creative outlet.

• TimeZone management allows multiple items in different timezones to be displayed with adjustments in your current timezone.

• Flexible purging, separate history database and undelete functions make it easy to manage past events.

• Enhanced Date Picker has popup list of all events/ToDo's

• Anniversary feature shows years for anniversaries or ages on birthdays - also handles birthday field in proprietary contacts database present on some newer Palm devices.

• Link items to other items, so an appointment can link to other related appointments or ToDo's - or to contacts associated with that appointment.

• More than 100 other features covering ease of use, and flexible configuration options make DateBk6 one of the best values in Palm OS add-on software.

• Support. When you need help, you are talking to highly experienced Palm users/developers with a genuine interest in helping you - not novice support technicians at a large company that have relatively little interest in your problems.

DateBk6p: $27.95
Upgrade: $9.95

Overview -Detailed Features and Screen Shots
-System Requirements
-FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
-Installing DateBk6P on a Palm Pre
-How to Enter Registration Code

-Comparison chart of DateBk3, 4 and 5
-What’s New in DateBk6
-Utilities and Add-ons

Download current version as PRC (~500Kb) This will automatically install DateBk6 when first run in the MotionApps classic environment. You can also download a ZIP version (~2.1Mb) which contains additional files of interest to power users.  This version provides a 45-day free trial for new users, or the upgrade for currently registered users. Just save the PRC file in the ClassicApps/Install folder on your Pre.

-Download the 131+ page manual in PDF format (~2.3Mb) as zip or as Windows Executable 
German (Zugelassene Version)
Zip  oder Nutshell (Prc)

-Industry Awards & Testimonials
-Technical Support

What's new?

Pimlical - a brand new calendar application that will ultimately roll out on other desktop and handheld platforms during the latter part of 2009 and 2010. It's now available as a Windows desktop!

The New Today View!


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